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25 Companies Cave to Anti-2nd Amendment Extremists; Scorepages Updated

In the past week, dozens of corporations have made decisions to alienate the 5 million members of the National Rifle Association and millions more gun owners across America.

Bowing to pressure from the leftist #BoycottNRA movement, Enterprise Holdings, the parent company of Enterprise, Alamo, and National car rental brands, ended its discount program for NRA members. United Airlines and Delta Air Lines followed suit by discontinuing airfare discounts for individuals traveling to the NRA Annual Meetings.

Our op-ed in the Daily Signal examined how these companies still support the left’s agenda on several issues and distancing their brands from the NRA is hardly a move towards neutrality. In fact, United Airlines still maintains financial ties to abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

In the list below you’ll find links to the updated scorepages for the companies that have ended partnerships with the NRA, as well as companies that have made significant changes to their business practices due to pressure from the anti-2nd Amendment left:

Delta Air Lines
DICK’s Sporting Goods
Dollar Rent A Car
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
L.L. Bean
National Car Rental
Thrifty Car Rental
United Airlines

The scorepages have links to contact corporate leadership and let them know how their companies have been used to advance the left’s agenda.

Several other companies not in our database have also undertaken similar actions to those above including:

Allied Van Lines
First National Bank of Omaha
North American Van Lines
Starkey Hearing Technologies
The Mountain Equipment Co-op

Be sure to reach out to these companies and let them know where you stand on corporations that align their brands with the left’s assault on guns and gun owners.

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  • Click

    Your text says “The scorepages have links to contact corporate leadership and let them know how their companies have been used to advance the left’s agenda.” I visited the scorepage but was unable to find contact info or suggested response forms, et cetera. It would be helpful to include links to make it as straightforward as possible for readers to take direct action. Tnx

    • Spectrum

      The links are the big red and blue boxes near the top of each company’s page, just below the header. One for email, the other for Facebook.

      • Click

        Sheesh. Don’t know how I missed those! Thanks.

  • Raymond Martucci

    These are probably the same companies that sends money to planned Parenthood who kills more. It wasn’t the NRA who done this it wasn’t for the cops there sitting on their hands doing nothing it wouldn’t have happened. These cops by sitting there are the ones who pulled the trigger on these kids not the NRA. These companies want to be anti-American they need to take their business elsewhere.

  • Paul Raymond

    You guys should add Lyft to the list. They are supporting the March for Our Lives thing:


  • Paul Raymond

    Perhaps Box should be added too since Aaron Levie, the founder of the cloud company Box, gave a couple thousand to the March for Our Lives thing.


  • Paul Raymond

    Aetna has joined Lyft in March for Our Lives. You guys should feature those latest two traitor companies.

  • Keith Amherst

    What’s all the rent-a-car folks? the others included are a sprinkle of a number of different business models. But virtually all rent-a-car companies are on board

  • OddBall1958

    I guess I’m boycotting all of these companies and any future companies that want to step on my rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most of them I don’t use anyway and never will in the future. I used to shop at Kroger but now I’m going to move over to Safeway until they screw up!