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ACTION ALERT: Defund Chili’s!

Chili’s restaurants in Kentucky and Indiana are donating 15% of meal purchases to abortion-giant Planned Parenthood on behalf of customers who bring in a special voucher during the months of January through March.

Tell Chili’s we’re going somewhere else for dinner!

This isn’t the first time Chili’s restaurants have held fundraisers for Planned Parenthood either! However, in 2011, Chili’s cancelled a similar event in California after pro-life advocates expressed concern.

That’s why we need your help telling Chili’s and parent company Brinker International again that we won’t spend our dollars with businesses that support Planned Parenthood’s anti-life agenda!

Click the button below to help us say: The best way to defund Planned Parenthood is to defund Chili’s!

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Be sure to see where Chili’s stands on all the issues on our scorepage and also visit our pro-life resource page for a list of companies that directly support Planned Parenthood.

You can also contact Chili’s directly to tell their corporate leadership why you disagree with their decision to help fund Planned Parenthood.

H/T: for breaking the story.

Update: Chili’s has cancelled the fundraiser with Planned Parenthood. Click here to see the statement from Chili’s and the latest developments.

  • Jane

    To Chili’s: I have purchased many gift cards, ate dinner, lunch, and went to happy hour at Chili’s. I will NO LONGER purchase, eat, or have a beverage at ANY Chili’s restaurant. As long you fund the evil of abortion by supporting Planned Parenthood (aka today’s Holocaust killing innocents), you will no longer see me, my family, or my money.

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  • Ria

    Was literally heading to Chili’s for dinner tonight.
    After seeing the article, we decided on Olive garden.
    They lost my family’s money!

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  • Annabelle

    For all you big dummies that literally still don’t understand PP does way more than abortions.
    Here’s a post from a woman on her experience there.
    “I did not have insurance and was under the age of 40 & didn’t qualify for the Every Woman Matters program when I had a tumor grow on my right breast. I could not afford the regular doctor visit and they refused to see me unless I had $180 upfront, I was blessed that there was a PP that was within an hour that had the needed people and materials. I was seen by a Nurse Practitioner who examined my breast and said I needed a mammogram and immediate consultation for surgery. I was set up to get a mammogram, and also to see a surgeon through them. I was able to remove it and be blessed to be here today. So You can be HAPPY about what has happened this week, but I am SAD. I am sad for the MILLIONS of other women like me who are now unable to access this very much needed care to survive and fear for the future. Feel free to share! #standwithplannedparenthood #savethetatas #onlyonestohelpme #lookdeeper #notjustabortions #whyifight #riseup”

    • TwigaBob

      PP offers just enough services to advertise them.

    • Lem Renrek

      …and for all you dummies who simply refuse to acknowledge that over 80% of the services offered by PP ARE Abortions – go away and STFU

    • We The People

      I’m very sure that you are just a troll. STFU!

  • Louise Kay Amix Schmaling


  • Dennis William

    *Bring in a fetus and get 25% off.

  • We The People

    Bye Chili’s. Say hi to Target on your way down.