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Airbnb Demands Users Respect Vegan Kitchens, but Not Christian Homes

Airbnb wants us to think it stands for letting people use their property as they see fit. After all, company and its popular platform for short-term home rentals sued the State of New York less than two weeks ago because of a new law passed due to “pressure from hotel lobbyists” that restricted how certain property owners advertised their units.

However, Airbnb enacted new guidelines today that say those very property owners aren’t allowed to make their own decisions on how their homes are used, especially if they object to certain lifestyles that Airbnb considers “protected.” In an email to users, the company told customers that it will be prompting all users to make a “Community Commitment” pledge to follow these guidelines; failure to do so will prevent future use of Airbnb’s services.

As we’ve come to expect in 2016, “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” are now two of the characteristics that Airbnb considers to constitute a “protected class.” Because of this, the new guidelines specifically target the religious beliefs of hosts in the determination of how they do business on their property.

Keep in mind, many hosts remain in their homes while guests are on the property and Airbnb provides that these hosts may “make a unit available to guests of the host’s gender and not the other, where the host shares living spaces with the guest.” This means that a woman, living by herself, could decline to rent to a man on the basis of his gender. Incredibly, however, that same woman would be prohibited from declining to rent to a man who “identifies” as a woman.

Like so many other companies such as Target, who are carrying the water for the LGBT movement, Airbnb is implementing policies that defy common sense and reasonable safety considerations in the name of “inclusivity.”

Ironically, Airbnb holds that one class may impose their beliefs, be they religious or otherwise, on their guests: vegetarians! According to the Nondiscrimination Policy:

“Airbnb hosts may…require guests to respect restrictions on foods consumed in the listing (e.g., a host who maintains a Kosher or vegetarian kitchen may require guests to respect those restrictions).”

Apparently for Airbnb, vegan sensibilities are a much higher priority than your religious beliefs or safety.

  • Bob Gutjahr

    The real innovation here is the requirement that customers (those who wish to rent rooms) are required to agree to the policy in order to make reservations. Is this even legal? Can my bank call my mortgage or refuse to cash my pay check if I have not agreed to their discrimination policy?


    If I recall correctly, the initial issue that put Airbnb in the spotlight was some customers avoid having blacks as guests. I’m in the camp that believe you should have the ability to refuse service, even for your own peace of mind. However, if either party refuse to participate, then the other party can contact Airbnb and ask for mediation. Bottom line, there are usually other Airbnb renters, florists or bakeries, one can find service and not be an ahole looking for your pound of flesh.

    • Sonnys_Mom

      Oh, but they ARE looking for “a pound of flesh”. This is just one more way to make sure that “progressive”, secularist values replace traditional social norms in every possible variety of human interaction, and are enforced throughout society.

      Progressives claim to value “personal choice”, but then demand that their choice must be “the ONLY choice”… for everybody else. Having lost the 2016 presidential election, progressives are now fighting back the only way they know how– through devalung others using social pressure and coercion.


        Progressives are gonna have their hands full when we start stringing up the mexicans, gays and blacks, I tell you what. The jewspaper reporter’s eyes will pop right out of their heads (which will save us taxpayers on ovens). First step: stabbing cucks. Start today!