Anti-Trump Postcard Campaign Latest in Series of Union Backed Protests

Who’s behind the anti-Trump “grassroots” postcard writing campaign? Apparently, it’s the same organizers and labor union cronies that have been involved in the endless cycle of made-for-media-coverage events that we’ve seen since President Trump’s Inauguration.

It started with the inaugural weekend’s Women’s March led by Planned Parenthood. Then liberal mobs organized with instructions from the Indivisible Guide to disrupt Congressional town hall meetings. Then the Women’s March reconvened for “A Day Without Women” strike. And today, March 15th, they’re planning to flood 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with #TheIdesOfTrump postcard protest. (For those wanting to play the role of spoiler, join other conservatives sending a postcard of support instead. More on that below.)

Of course, none of these publicity stunts would be possible without an effective organizing platform and that’s where the Action Network comes into the picture. The Action Network claims to be “a progressive online organizing platform” and offers a free set of tools for individuals and small groups to “publish actions” such as event RSVP forms for meetings, surveys, fundraising campaigns, letter writing campaigns, and more. Not surprisingly, the Action Network manages the website and email list for the Women’s March and its “Day Without Women” strike.

Another group utilizing the Action Network’s platform is the Indivisible Guide, a network of liberal activists who created a “how-to” manual with talking points for protestors at Congressional town hall meetings. Encouraged by sweeping media coverage of the disruptive elements at last month’s town halls, many Indivisible groups are again using the Action Network’s tools to organize postcard writing sessions in participation with #TheIdesofTrump campaign.

So how does this all work from a financial standpoint? Obviously, the technology developed and distributed by the Action Network didn’t come cheap, yet the platform is available for free to small groups and individuals.

Well, the Action Network’s FAQ says “partnerships” with larger groups “help keep the lights on.” Chances are Indivisible, which is still in the process of forming a 501(c)4 nonprofit for fundraising purposes according to its website, isn’t one of these partners. However, the Action Network, which was formerly known as the Corporate Action Network, is the 501(c)4 arm of the Action Network Fund, and activist organization with deep labor union ties.

How deep? The Washington Free Beacon uncovered this tidbit last week:

The Action Network shares the same Washington, D.C. address as Change to Win, an SEIU and Teamsters-affiliated labor group. Change to Win is chaired by James P. Hoffa, the president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Its secretary is Mary Kay Henry, the president of the SEIU.

Furthermore, two of the top “partnerships” advertised on the Action Network’s website are with the AFL-CIO and National Education Association (NEA). The Action Network Fund’s President Mark Fleischman is the former Vice President for the SEIU.

If we connect all the dots, it appears that labor unions are facilitating and funneling money to web-based organizing efforts behind just about every liberal protest making headlines since Donald Trump became President of the United States. Today’s #TheIdesOfTrump that may cross your Twitter feed and the breathless mainstream media coverage that is sure to follow is just another piece of this overall movement.

Now, #TheIdesOfTrump postcard campaign doesn’t actually have a purpose other than “making an impression.” The organizers explain, “We have intentionally created this first action of this campaign to be general.” But don’t worry they say, “Our NEXT action [will] be more focused.”

With liberals not having a clear message, some conservatives are working to turn the tables. Chicks on the Right are calling for a campaign of postcards in SUPPORT of President Trump. Various social media posts are pointing to Thursday, March 16th, as the day for the postcard counter-protest. As we saw with the impact made on Target’s bottom line recently, conservatives have been much more effective at organizing these days.

To join in, the address is easy:

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500