Back-To-School Shopping That’s #AnywhereButTARGET

As heat of summer reaches a peak, many families are already preparing for back-to-school shopping in the coming weeks. Many will also be taking advantage of “sales tax free” weekends right around the corner.

Over the past year, millions of conservatives have pledged to shop #AnywhereButTARGET and are using 2ndVote’s research to make shopping decisions that align more closely with their values. We’ve put together a some of the best alternatives from our database for all your back-to-school needs. Here are some of the better options for school supplies, fall clothes, dorm room decor, and more:

Whether you are searching for school supplies, fall clothes or dorm room decor, here are the best alternatives to check out:

Bed Bath & Beyond
Eddie Bauer
Family Dollar
Hobby Lobby
Lands’ End

At 2ndVote, we’ve always believed that one of the best ways to shop your values is by shopping local because small businesses in your community are more responsive to your concerns by nature. We also recognize that when you shop #AnywhereButTARGET, you’re sending a clear message with your shopping dollars. Therefore, we want to make sure our readers are completely informed. Below are more retailers that have earned higher scores than Target in our database. You can click the links to see exactly where they stand on the issues when making you shopping decisions:

L.L. Bean
Office Depot

Remember that Target has shown us exactly where they stand by promoting a policy of allowing men into women’s bathrooms and changing rooms Target’s leadership has stood by this policy despite falling revenue. Customer safety and common sense still rank lower than a radical social agenda at the retail giant.

Help us continue the fight by signing and sharing the #AnywhereButTARGET pledge and by becoming p a 2ndVote member! For as little as what you might spend on a cup of coffee you can become part of a movement that holds companies like Target accountable for their support of the liberal agenda.

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  • Heathermcsp

    If you want the best back to school deals, shop Target. Most stores who actually have public restrooms have the same policy as Target, but they were smarter then Target by not announcing it publically. Target has a private restroom people can use also for those who choose to use it or as most Conservatives I know who have continued to shop at Target, they go at home before going shopping.

    • Allan Albricht

      Specifically what retailers have the same written bathroom policy as Target? Conservatives have stopped shopping at Target which is why sales have declined quarter after quarter and stock price had tanked!

      • Heathermcsp

        No retailer is posting anyone at the restroom entrances to frisk those entering the restrooms to make sure they are going to the right ones.

    • Goro

      This is not true statement.

    • Jeremiah A

      My local Wal-mart puts the privacy and safety of its customers ahead of a corporate sexual political agenda. I will shop there and vote with my dollars against misogyny.

      • Heathermcsp

        I have not been in Wal-mart in a long time. Do they now check each person entering the men’s and women’s restrooms to make sure they are entering the right one?

        • Jeremiah A

          I am sorry but I can only speak as to my local Wal-mart and its policy. For example, the changing rooms are shared by both sexes but their is a main staff person there with two assistants who allow only women in, and then when those women are done, a group of men can enter.

    • me

      My daughter should not be forced to “hold it” when at Target, or “go before entering Target” because of some man that “identifies” as a female. Stupid.

      Are we going to let men start using the public pool locker rooms that are designated or labeled Women too, with all of their privates on display as they change in the locker rooms, because they “feel” like a female??

      Wal-Mart will price match any other retailer. They may or may not have similar policies–but I have never seen a man go into the Wal-Mart bathroom labeled Women, but I HAVE witnessed a man going into the Women’s Room at Target with me.

      And he was not even attempting to “look” female, but was a man in blue-jeans, baseball cap, and t-shirt and a beard!! I left immediately, since my right to a safe bathroom environment had been violated. Where is basic common sense anymore?

      • Heathermcsp

        There has always been a single bathroom to use at Target, either located at the pharmacy area or next to the men’s and women’s restrooms.

        • me

          Yup–that is what I used. However, usually locked, with someone in it, and people waiting for it. Again, why should we be subjected to having a man who is gender-confused, with all his man-parts, sitting in a toilet next to my little girl? Disgusting.

  • Jeremiah A

    Someone very close to me that has had to deal with a perpetual sense of mind and body separation ever since she was a teenager.

    When one states they are transgender, they are acknowledging what sex they truly are though they feel differently. And with this acknowledgement of knowing one is innately male or female comes the objective standard of using the restroom matched with one’s sex. Otherwise, sexual predators can take advantage if everyone only relies on a subjective standard.

    Target needs to revoke its poorly thought out open-door policy.

  • Timeywimeygirl7

    You really need to find whatever is broken inside you and fix it. I don’t mean this in a horrible way but when you focus so very hard on trying to invalidate anyone else’s existence In this world then the problem
    Is you.

    When they introduced family bathrooms no one was up in arms…why? Because there was a dire need for them. Little girls couldn’t/shouldn’t be entering the men’s room with their daddy’s once they are passed a certain age. Urinals are not appropriate for them to be around and little boys didn’t want to go to the bathroom with Mommy passed a certain age. Family restrooms are simply unisex that use the same layout as Womens using stalls for privacy. What’s the difference??? Let’s double the amount of restrooms in the world and make them
    All unisex. Then silly little people
    Like you will hopefully find better things do do with your time then try to peek under a ladies skirt to see if they “belong” in the bathroom. Ridiculousness abounds