Bakery Closes Due to Left-Wing Oppression of Religious Liberty

Three years ago, the owners of a family business in Northwestern Oregon made the tough decision to honor the teachings of their faith instead of cowering to political correctness and suffered persecution and a devastating legal battle. Recently, the Klein family, announced they are closing their bakery for good.

According to a report from Fox News, “The Kleins have faced unrelenting attacks from the LGBT community. Their business was boycotted. They were bullied. Their children received death threats.”  This unrelenting torment and anguish occurred simply because the Klein family decided they would uphold their religious beliefs, a right that is quickly fading.

Brad Avakian, the Commissioner who fined the Kleins, appears to have colluded with Basic Rights Oregon, the organization that worked to bring down hefty legal ramifications against the Kleins. The couple was fined $135,000 by the state, among the multi-year legal conflict they still face.

Emails between Basic Rights Oregon and employees of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) suggest collusion pertaining to the proceeding against the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Melissa and Aaron Klein. Read the rest of 2ndVote’s previous story on that here.

This is one of numerous examples of religious liberty being oppressed by left-wing radicals. 2ndVote will continue our work to provide you with up-to-date notifications regarding attacks on religious liberty.

  • Paul Auger

    This is interesting a lot of paranoid statement and claims with no documentation or evidence to support them. Religious liberty is not under attack. Bakeries are businesses not churches. Businesses are obligated to service all people. What is really happening is that the religious right has a sense of entitlement. When they cannot dictate how other people lived in lives they play the victim

    • Chief Mojo

      I guess you missed the whole lesbian mayor of Houston demanding all the local churches turn over their sermons to make sure they weren’t engaging in anti-gay “hate speech”. But having mixed it up with uninformed progressives before, I am well aware that you could unload a dump truck of “documentation or evidence” on their front lawn and they would find ways to explain it away, so why bother? The truth isn’t really what they’re after — advancing an agenda is. The LGBT/pink mafia are the ones who have a sense of entitlement and play the victims to their willing sycophants in the media and academia. Why else would 3% of the population whine and moan and force their agenda down 97% of the rest of the country’s throats if it were not so?

    • nursecathy123cat

      I also remember when proponents of gay marriage said it would have no effect on traditional marriage folks. It was just a live-and-let-live proposal. We could all go about our business and no one would feel the effect. Yeah, right.

    • JasperFarnsworthy

      It’s absolutely fascinating how Mr. Auger can take a truth and stand it on its head. “What’s really happening,” Mr. Auger, “is that the left has a sense of entitlement, and when others don’t kowtow to their beliefs and life-style perversions they become aggressive and violent.”

  • Chief Mojo

    Remember way way back in the old days like a year or so ago, before the whole gay marriage thing happened, the LGBT crowd laughed and ridiculed and scoffed at anyone who said that gay marriage would in effect put a muzzle on those who held religious views? They laughed and said “oh quit being so melodramatic… That’ll never happen. You’re just haters and homophobes!” Yeah… Kinda reminds me of the whole health care lie too. The left will say/do anything to get what they want, crushing anyone who dares to hold a different view than theirs. I’m glad at last we all can see who the real Nazis are. Too bad most of them are too ignorant to know basic history; The pendulum always swings back in the other direction, sometimes twice as hard, and unfortunately it never really ends well…

  • t. kerce

    “Sorry we don’t serve negros.”
    “Sorry we don’t serve Jews.”
    This isnexactly the same thing.