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Beyond the T-Shirt — What Are Walmart’s Real Values?

Walmart was targeted by a social-media driven boycott this week for allowing third-party retailers to sell “Impeach 45” shirts on its website. The world’s largest retailer also sells pro-Trump shirts, but in response to the boycott it removed the “Impeach” shirts on Tuesday.

While Walmart acted quickly in response to the campaign, at 2ndVote we want to make sure our subscribers have comprehensive data on corporate support on all the issues. For example, did you know that Walmart regularly engages in political activity to support left-wing causes?

The link above provides 2ndVote’s data on Walmart’s corporate donations on all of our key issues — the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, life, education, marriage, immigration, and the environment — mostly in support of left-wing ideology. In this blog post, we wanted to remind second vote buyers how Walmart has gone above and beyond donations to explicitly violate American values with its company firearm policies.

Probably Walmart’s most famous change was its announcement earlier this year that it would not sell firearms or ammunition to customers under the age of 21. The policy change came as a result of a mass shooting. But it was only the latest in a series of anti-2ndAmendment measures implemented by Walmart.

The company’s statement earlier this year starkly laid things out:

In 2015, Walmart ended sales of modern sporting rifles, including the AR-15. We also do not sell handguns, except in Alaska where we feel we should continue to offer them to our customers. Additionally, we do not sell bump stocks, high-capacity magazines and similar accessories. We have a process to monitor our eCommerce marketplace and ensure our policies are applied.

….We are also removing items from our website resembling assault-style rifles, including nonlethal airsoft guns and toys.

Walmart’s decision to lurch left on guns is disappointing but, as 2ndVote shoppers, you also have the means to hold Walmart accountable for these policy decisions. As we noted in a recent blog post about Dick’s Sporting Goods, excellent alternatives exist:

The Academy Sports & Outdoors focuses on providing its products to customers. 2ndVote’s research has uncovered nothing to indicate a support for the left’s agenda.

Bass Pro Shops has partnered with the National Rifle Association and hosts events, seminars, and classes at all of its retail locations so that participants improve their firearm skills. This example of corporate social responsibility has earned them the 2ndVote “5” ranking!

Cabela’s likewise has the rare 2ndVote “5” ranking, meaning it has no bad corporate policies and plenty of good ones! Specifically, it partners with the National Rifle Association and many other sportsmen and hunting organizations.

Walmart’s left-wing lurch on guns can only be stopped by you — conservatives who buy with their values. Buy from the good companies and let Walmart know they should stick to retail instead of politics.

Help us continue holding corporations and non-profits accountable for their activism by becoming a 2ndVote Member today!





  • ‘V’

    FUH…Q WALMART! I am so far beyond fedup w/the commie libtard left!

  • Ray Copeland

    Walmart and all their over seas crap that they sell can go to h*ll, because I don’t buy their crap. Six years ago after the family sold Walmart out I went in to get my Grandson some socks, every pair that I looked at was made in slant eye China, Pak. and different other trash country’s ,not a pair from USA, so I threw their crap in the floor and never been back to look at their sh*t.

  • Legoge47

    We buy groceries from Wal-Mart because they are less expensive than some other places. What to do?

    • Gnowark

      Legoge47: after decades of driving mom&pop stores out of business, we’ve gotten to the retail version of the left’s politics, you can no longer afford to NOT use their toxic “freebies.” Unless we are willing to pay heavily to correct our mistakes.

    • Fred Raaflaub

      Buy only the things that are MUCH less. They won’t make much profit from those.

      • Legoge47

        We do have some Schnucks food stores that we occasionally shop at. 2nd Vote says that they are politically neutral and stick to selling groceries, leaving political stuff out of it.

    • CumExApostolatus

      Is there no other place to purchase (real) food near you? Are there no farms, or farm collectives, or small grocers? Fresh food rather than the packaged non-food that Walmart carries is better for you.

      • Legoge47

        There are some other stores, Schnucks Super markets, Meijers, Woodmans, Target (which I refuse to shop), Grays IGA. According to 2nd Vote, Schnucks is a politically neutral chain, they stick to selling groceries and stay out of politics for the most part. I will admit their produce is better than the stuff Walmart has. I even met a woman who regularly shops a Walmart at a Schnucks store and she said she likes the produce at Schnucks because of better quality.

  • Doug Wood

    I haven’t bought from Walmart f or quite soom time, now, since I found 2nd Vote. I have a problem with all there political activity, but I especially have a problem with the anti-Christian policies ! Why do people who claim to be Christian continue buying from these HEATHENS, even after being told about them?

  • Legoge47

    I tried to link the “gun cam” feed to Twitter and I was not able to do so. Has anyone else tried and was refused? Thank you.

  • BWJ

    Coming out next week with a T shirt called “Cage The Monkey” featuring “Mad Max “ behind bars!!

  • Robert Stephens

    Being a combat veteran of Vietnam, coming home in October of 1968, I’m a little torn. I was 19 when I came home. I tried to register to vote for the November 1968 election but I was too young! Too young? Really? I was too young but really old at the same time. I see the behavior of 18, 19 and 20 year olds and I have a tendency to agree with Walmart’s policy. I was a bartender in Daytona Beach on July 1, 1973 when it became legal for 18 year olds to drink and it wasn’t pretty. It took about 8 months before the legislature changed the law back. 18 year olds can now vote in elections and there is a movement to let 16 year olds vote. Wonder which party is driving that idea?

  • terry t

    The content of this article is why I keep my distance from a great many conservatives when speaking about constitutional rights. I you wish to exercise your freedoms to own firearms and freedom of expression you cannot have it both ways. If Wal Mart wishes to impose restrictions on what they sell, they are not only entirely free to do so, there is nothing WRONG

  • Dan Martin

    I really didn’t realize how far from my beliefs Walmart is. I know I believe they have not helped middle America by putting many Mom & Pops out of business in every community in America. I know their business dealings are ruthless and their executives can meet 4 hrs over a tenth of a Penney. I know their staff is far less quality and most unhelpful. It is my last go to place. The information, expressed by the forum, says that should be done and watch the stock roll down. I thing the Walton’s got theirs and got out.
    After all, that has become the American way. Create it and sell off to China?

    • Legoge47

      They even have put KMart out of business

  • Over time, leftist dogma, in one form or another, will creep into any environment. Even those we consider rock solid are not immune.

  • MJ

    Walmart could go fall into a hole and America will be just fine.

  • WaterWolf Hunter

    Here is a shirt id love to get made. Black shirt..an arrow with red white blue feathers, stuck in a tree with a rainbow colored target shattering in pieces, the words Straight as an arrow printed above below.

  • TxPatriot

    You know, I buy eggs from my neighbor down the street. She is a liberal. Doesn’t make the eggs taste any different. If I boycotted every business that donates to liberal causes, I wouldn’t have any place to shop. It is really stupid to boycott a store because they donate to liberal causes. Did anyone check to see if they donate to Conservative causes. I do know that they donate to the local nursing homes, schools, and charitable organizations as well as church events. Do some research before you start blaming. So I really don’t see the sense of this article.

    • CumExApostolatus

      The point is your neighbor down the block is a “small business” and you’re helping the local economy by purchasing her eggs. Walmart, Starbucks, PayPal, etc., are transnational corporations owned and run by corporate-fascists who pretend to support the purported underdogs, such as the sodomites, when in fact they are using their economic clout to undermine the American republic by supporting groups which are tearing apart the family and society. They also use their economic clout to buy Congressmen and Senators as well as legislators at the state level. They don’t care about anything but their bottom line and how best to fleece the public. They are a big part of the push for global hegemony by only a few transglobal corporations running a super state, a.k.a. the new world order.
      Yes, 2nd Vote DOES check whether these corporations donate to ‘conservative’ causes, and that info is included in their ‘report cards’. I prefer that corporations stay completely OUT of “social causes” and “non-governmental organizations”. They should ONLY sell their products/services.

    • Spectrum

      You are aiding and abetting the leftist / globalists by supporting these corporations. The point of 2nd Vote is to identify those companies that are hostile to families and those which are neutral or friendly to us. The report card section provides a guide to where to shop. Wherever and whenever possible you should stick to the ones with the higher scores. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6e3eb1134d3bc7ebc06e5dd7499dce84000d3a2a0cd373085ec05b52d71f04d4.jpg

  • CumExApostolatus

    I never shop Walmart. Does anyone know whether 2nd Vote has done research on LL Bean? I have a feeling they’re probably as bad as the usual suspects.

  • Jacqueleen

    Boycott Walmart and Target for their insane practices and policies. Research other stores in your neighborhood that are neutral when it comes to politics. In the East, check out Shop Rite Stores for food, Dollar Tree, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

  • Hammertime

    Walmart and other Walton companies like BJs and Sam’s are only concerned about profit. They will sell whatever they think will sell. And most Americans do not like or support Trump. He is deplorable and crooked.