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Christian Bookseller Finds Author’s Affirmation of Same-Sex Marriage Incompatible With Scripture

LifeWay Christian Resources has announced that it will discontinue sales of best-selling author Jen Hatmaker. The decision comes just days after Hatmaker gave an interview in which she she voiced approval of same-sex marriage and same-sex relationships.

The Baptist Press reports:

In an Oct. 25 Religion News Service (RNS) article, Hatmaker said she affirms gay marriage from both civil and spiritual perspectives, and advised the church to embrace members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community who profess Christianity.

A spokesman for LifeWay, which is owned by the Southern Baptist Convention, said, “In a recent interview, [Hatmaker] voiced significant changes in her theology of human sexuality and the meaning and definition of marriage — changes which contradict LifeWay’s doctrinal guidelines.”

LifeWay’s position upholding traditional marriage stands in direct contrast to another bookseller, Barnes and Noble, which signed an amicus brief in 2015 urging the Supreme Court to overturn state laws protecting marriage.

To see more on where Barnes and Noble and other retailers stand on all the issues, visit our company database here.

  • Robert H. Davidson

    Bible says a man shall not lay with a man and a woman shall not lay with a woman for it is an abomination. I believe!

    • glenbo

      >”I believe!”<
      Do you believe slavery is immoral? If so, why doesn't God feel the same way?

  • Marcia Benson

    Good for this company. I applaud them for their stand. If we don’t shop at stores that back the garbage spewing out of their mouths maybe they will pay attention.


      Yeah, maybe we need to force a man to eat a man’s ass at knifepoint in front of Jen’s house. Let’s see how “tolerant” she is when there’s frothy butt-spew all over her lawn. In Jesus’ name!

  • Loveisalwaystheanswer

    Here’s a challenge. Why don’t you all pack your bags and travel the world? Come back and share your experiences with us. Your life will not be the same because your perspectives will have changed. This world is much larger than you and I. Closed minded views will keep you from loving and accepting people who are different from you, and essentially from living a full life. Or in the least, ask yourself, why would people CHOOSE to be homosexual when people like you exist? Why would they choose to put themselves through that? It’s not a decision. It’s the way life goes. It’s a simple concept but it requires an open heart to understand.


      Your time is coming to an end. The Bible tells us that you will perish in hellfire while us faithful will fly up to heaven and sit at father’s leg. President Donald J. Trump will bring this about through the power that Jesus gave our military. I pray he will hasten the flashes of nuclear light that will end this world and begin a better one. You must be a gaylord – does the Bible burn your fingers?

      • Loveisalwaystheanswer

        Hilarious. You must be a comedian with all the hypocrisy spewing out of you, Mr. “Outrage.” If you believe in violence on God’s own creations as a means of punishment, you clearly worship the devil. The God of Love will not use his great power to destroy his own work, you idiot. Unfortunately, there’s no changing you… I’m sure you’re an old, lonely man who has nothing better to do than to get into other people’s business. Thankfully, your time on this planet is limited, and your closed-minded way of thinking will perish with you. Good luck! P.S. I’m a woman, who is happily married to wonderful man, and we have two beautiful, kind, accepting children if you must know. If you’re wrong on this one, what else are you wrong about? Take my challenge and go see the world before you die. I assure you It’ll be worth your awhile.


          Alas, I am already dead.

  • glenbo

    >”LifeWay’s position upholding traditional marriage stands in direct contrast to another bookseller, Barnes and Noble, which signed an amicus brief in 2015 urging the Supreme Court to overturn state laws protecting marriage.”<
    "Protecting" it from exactly what?