Corporate Bullies to Avoid This Christmas

Here’s one story you won’t find in this week’s media coverage of the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission arguments before the Supreme Court.

37 corporations are fighting to force Jack Phillips to bake and design a cake for same-sex weddings despite his belief that marriage only exists between one man and one woman.

The case is that simple: the plaintiffs, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and their corporate enablers all lobbying for a legal mandate to demand private business owners participate in same sex weddings. The companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Marriott that signed HRC’s amicus brief in support of the plaintiffs are essentially demanding the government compel speech and expression in conformity with the LGBT agenda.

See the entire list of corporations fighting to undermine the 1st amendment here.

Clearly, these companies have no interest in respecting the beliefs of the millions who share Jack’s understanding of marriage. Therefore, people of faith should consider what their shopping dollars will be supporting this Christmas season.

2ndVote’s Naughty & Nice report shows you which companies to avoid or support based on their advocacy on the issues, including Religious Liberty. You can download it here as a free guide for your next shopping trip.

We also want to make sure you know the best alternatives to the companies that are trying to bully Jack Phillips and Masterpiece Cakeshop. Here are some of top suggestions this Christmas from our Nice List and company database.

Instead of the Apple Store, try RadioShack for electronics.

Instead of, try for online retail.

Instead of Ben & Jerry’s, try The Cheesecake Factory for dessert.

Instead of Levi Strauss, try Anthropologie for apparel.

Instead of Marriott International, try Omni Hotels & Resorts for overnight stays.

Instead of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, try Kirkland’s for home furnishing.

Instead of American Airlines, try Spirit Airlines for air travel.

Instead of PayPal, try ProPay for payment processing.

Also, be sure to check out all the options on 2ndVote’s Nice List for more great options for you Christmas shopping this year.

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  • Patrice Hite


  • pjsterling

    So Muslims are going to be required to serve us bacon in their restaurants?? Homosexuals will be forced to attend seminars on what the Bible teaches about homosexuality, and everyone is required to buy (and eat) broccoli (because it is good for you) but only from the government, as in Obamacare. These idiots don’t realize that if one group is forced to do something against their beliefs, than anything goes.

    • pointe4Jesus

      I think they realize. They’re just hoping that everyone else doesn’t.

    • glenbo

      >>”So Muslims are going to be required to serve us bacon in their restaurants??”<<

      Weeding caterers already offer their products to the public. They are simply not allowed to refuse to sell them to protected groups.
      Your Muslim analogy fails because Muslim restaurant owners don't offer pork products. Jack Phillips already offers wedding products. He just doesn't want gays to have them because he is a bigot.

      Nobody is being "forced" to do anything. But if you break the law, )like Jack did) you will be held accountable.

      • aznad

        Let me make this simple for you because logic seems to escape you…You are an idiot!

        • glenbo

          >>” logic seems to escape you”<<

          There is nothing illogical in my statement.

  • glenbo

    This story is misleading and manipulative and I feel sorry for those who fall for this manipulation.
    Nobody is being “forced” to do anything.
    Nobody is being denied their freedom to worship.
    This is only about being permitted to practice discrimination.
    How sad the church feels compelled to do this.

    • goodbook

      glenbo, if what you say is true than how is it those who tried to get cakes made with a message disparaging same-sex marriage or supporting white supremacy were rebuffed by those bakeries with no one being arrested for discrimination?

      • glenbo

        >>”how is it those who tried to get cakes made with a message disparaging same-sex marriage or supporting white supremacy”<<

        It's okay to refuse to create a specific message.
        It's not okay to say "sorry, I don't make wedding cakes for YOU people."

        I am an atheist contractor.
        One of my many services is hand-carved wooden signs.
        I can legally refuse to carve a sign that says "Trump is great."
        But I cannot refuse to make a sign for someone who is a Christian only because they are one of THOSE people.

        There's a difference between not wanting to create a specific message and not wanting to serve a specific group of people.

        Cakes are not messages. They are decorative edible props.
        But Jack Phillips did 2 things wrong.
        1) He changed his tune about religious freedom to freedom of speech.
        2) He agreed to "participate" in an adulterous wedding.
        The second is worse because it proves his issue isn't religion…it's bigotry.