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#Delete… Something? Liberals’ Anti-Uber Campaign Hits a Snag

You can bet liberals’ heads are exploding now that their #DeleteUber campaign has undermined the #GrabYourWallet campaign in circular firing squad fashion.

Over the weekend, liberals pushed #DeleteUber on social media in response the rideshare company’s decision to continue service to New York’s John F. Kennedy airport despite a strike by the taxi drivers’ union. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance had halted rides to JFK in opposition to President Trump’s executive order on restricted immigration.

Now, the anti-Trump #GrabYourWallet faux-outrage campaign has joined #DeleteUber because Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick is a member of the president’s Economic Advisory Board. Interestingly, Kalanick has indicated that he and Uber oppose the immigration order.

Funny thing is, when #GrabYourWallet and #DeleteUber were flocking to competitor Lyft as an alternative they “missed Lyft’s own ties to the Trump administration.”

An article from CNBC explains that financier Carl Icahn who “made a $100 million investment into Lyft” is one of Trump’s earliest supporters and even serves as an advisor to the administration. Additionally, CNBC reports:

Icahn isn’t the only Trump advisor with a connection to Lyft. Founders Fund, the venture capital firm founded by Trump advisor Peter Thiel, led Lyft’s B round and invested in the next two rounds as well.

Essentially, the liberal #DeleteUber movement is poised to completely unravel the basic premise behind #GrabYourWallet! We’re tempted #GrabThePopcorn and watch the liberal implosion, but our goal at 2ndVote is to make sure you stay informed so you can make the business decisions that best reflect your values.

Our scorepages for both Lyft (1.3 – Liberal) and Uber (2.4 – Lean Liberal) show that these companies have sponsored liberal advocacy organizations in the past. Also, due to the last weekends’ protests, Uber has established “a $3 million legal defense fund to help drivers with immigration and translation services” while Lyft pledged to donate $1 million to the ACLU.

Where do you stand as a 2ndVoter? Pick one of the following and tell us in the comment section below:

A.) #DeleteLyft

B.) #DeleteUber

C.) #GrabThePopcorn 

  • 2ndVoterRK

    Definitely C! Haha

  • stalepie

    Apparently the Uber guy caved to pressure and left the economic board.

    • HadEnough

      Pathetic. Companies should be politically neutral . There are plenty of other worthy causes. How about cancer research, veterans, and animal shelters for starters?

  • jmyee

    C of course!

  • my cousin was raped by an uber driver.

    • HadEnough

      This terrible. Everyone take note. Don’t use Uber or Lyft.

  • Glorya S

    #GrabThePopcorn obviously. I am sooooo happy that they are wasting money on a useless cause because they are too ignorant to do their own research in the lying liberal media and other elitists who are getting away with lying to people who are clueless. But, I do hope that some will realize the error of their ways and get on board with winning big!

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  • Virginia Watson


  • Margaret Johnson Barnard

    C–Since we have such a huge national debt, we should prioritize helping the truly needy refugees, the Christians who are being massacred in various radical countries. Let the stable Muslim countries help the Muslims…they have plenty of resources and they share the same desire to live under Sharia law.

    • HadEnough

      I totally agree. It is Christians that are being persecuted and massacred. Where is the outrage? It seems that Muslims continue to get a pass. I do not understand it.

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  • Paul Raymond

    C, of course.