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Disney’s ‘Gay Moment’ Not a Surprise Given Record

Replacing animation with live-action isn’t the only difference theater-goers will notice in Disney’s remake of “Beauty and the Beast” this spring. The newest version of the children’s classic also includes a narrative that is being billed as Disney’s first ever “gay moment” on screen.

RedState’s Kimberly Ross underscores the only reason a Disney character’s sexuality is relevant, “Because it’s 2017, and that’s the thing to do.”

And she’s right; LGBT themes appear to be the topic du jour across the entertainment industry. At one time the Academy Award for Best Picture went to epics like Ben-Hur and Chariots of Fire. In 2017 the Best Picture award went the second lowest-grossing film to win the top prize, but just so happens to be a story about sexual identity.

However, we shouldn’t be surprised by Disney’s decision to create a “gay moment”. The Walt Disney Company scored the maximum of 100 in the Human Rights Campaign‘s Corporate Equality Index and has donated directly to LGBT advocacy groups like GLAAD. (See The Walt Disney Company’s scorepage here.) These two liberal organizations have been at the forefront of efforts to overturn laws upholding traditional marriage in recent years.

What remains to be seen is if Disney will continue down this path. Turning children’s entertainment into cultural commentary on sexuality isn’t going to appeal to all parents and a recent Facebook post by Franklin Graham shows that theater owners may be taking a moral stance on the issue.

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  • Spectrum

    “….Do you think it is a coincidence or intentional that you can hardly find
    a scripted show on prime time television and cable that does not
    feature at least one friendly, likable, well-adjusted LGBT character?
    Every year, Hollywood honors LGBT-inclusive entertainment with awards
    from the Grammy’s, SAG, Golden Globes, and Image Awards nominations. The
    LGBT movement receives plenty of support from corporations, unions, the
    media, entertainment industry, and the government….”.

  • libsrtheh8ters

    Let’s take a REALISTIC look at homosexuality & what Disney is teaching our children is “normal” behavior. The homosexual community has a WAY HIGHER incidence of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, SUICIDE & PEDOPHILIA than the rest of society, that is a PROVEN FACT. They have MUCH HIGHER healthcare costs compared to straight/normal people in the same age categories due to sexual injuries, infections including HIV/AIDS & Hepatitis C & B & rampant STDs. Do we try to “normalize” drug addiction & then encourage our children to accept &/or try it? How FVCKED UP do you have to be to encourage & normalize such a HIGH RISK LIFESTYLE to children??

    • Adolf Hitler

      If Hitler is a good man I hope he unleashes a Nazi army, similar to the ones about Nazi (((zombies))).

  • SilverDragons

    Sorry, won’t be going to see a movie that promotes sexual abnormality on small children. I have been to Disney World many times and Disneyland even more. With their wanting to hire HB1 visa people instead of US citizens, I won’t be going there again. Considering where most of these visa people have come from, no parent should take their kid to a place where the children will no longer be safe from the employees.

  • Disney pioneered the queer: dogs owning dogs, mice telling ducks what to do, feeling sorry for deer. Their promotion of witchcraft and wizardry led directly to the current cesspit we find ourselves in. Only an armed takeover of their facilities, where their own media platforms are used to spread bloody images of their executives’ executions, will turn the tide.