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Facebook Exec. Gives $1 Million To Planned Parenthood

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, who has supported Planned Parenthood for quite sometime, recently decided to increase her giving to $1 million. In an effort to explain her massive contribution to the abortion giant, she posted on her Facebook page the need for increased family planning services, and she apparently thinks Planned Parenthood is best suited for the job.

There is one problem with this: Planned Parenthood exists for the purpose of performing abortions and admits that, contrary to popular belief, they do not provide prenatal care to expectant mothers. Ultrasounds are available, but they are used solely to determine the stage of pregnancy in regards to abortion. Therefore, Sandberg’s donation will more than likely be put towards funding abortion services, not family planning.

Planned Parenthood performs over 320,000 abortions every year and relies not only on individual donations like Sandberg’s but also on major corporations to achieve its twisted agenda. Whether it be directly or through third party groups, many companies you shop with daily are funding the abortion giant. Click here to see our Planned Parenthood resource page and learn who is behind our nation’s number one abortion provider. You can use the tool on the left to help us spread this message.

Also, recall that Sandberg’s company, Facebook, has received liberal scores of 1 up and down our 2ndVote scale. The social media network has a tendency of siding with the left on various issues…

  • JD

    Yet another reason PP should NOT receive taxpayer funding.

    • DT


  • Virginia Watson

    So she want to help them sell body parts from babies?? The president made his decision and a good one based on the 30 million women who voted for him, it is stupidity that has her leaning to the left and taking up for about 200,000 vile, disgusting, violent women who claim they speak for all of us and they do not, they also do not give a dam about women’s rights sense their organizer is a sponsor of Sharia Law which takes rights away from women, including the right to file charges against a rapist, right to drive a car, right to be a person. We are all dirt under Sharia Law. Maybe we should send her a pussy hat.

  • DT

    Why does 2nd Vote still have a Facebook account? That’s quite asinine of you to keep your Facebook account while encouraging your followers to boycott companies that don’t adhere to your so-called-christian-values.

    • Don’t talk bad about Facebook. Facebook feel good. Facebook buzz in my pocket when fearless leader departs from norms. No Facebook, no more hypnosis. No more hypnosis, no more alternate facts. No more alternate facts . . . then reality. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? What are you, some kind of Jew?

      • DT

        Gil-Scott Dracula,

        I think you’ve been sucking too many of the Devil’s farts right out of his ass, and it has affected your brain. (Before any of you 2nd Voters take offence to this, check out Gil-Scott Dracula’s profile!)

        Had you not sucked farts, you possibley would have enough brain cells left to realize I didn’t speak bad about Facebook. I spoke of the 2nd Voters who love to boycott things that don’t mean much to them in the first place. But the atheist-created Facebook makes 2nd Voters feel good. Even though one of the executive officers donated money to Planned Parenthood. You know, the most evil organization known to 2nd Voters.

        But 2nd Voters don’t boycott things they love. They are hypocrites that way.

        As you say, 2nd Voters love to be hypnotized by #AlternateFacts.

        How many different kinds of Jews are there and how is that related to the topic at hand?

        In today’s social media world, it’s impossible to tell Satire from reality. Sarcasm does not work on the internet. Why just today I read a satire piece stating Donald Trump is considering Sarah Palin to be his ambassador to Canada. Her qualifications are that she can see Canada from her house. Sadly, this may not be satire after all.

        Because of that, I am not sure if you’re being sarcastic–but I suspect you are.

        • Facebook keeps us safe, Mr. Tremens. If something happens to Facebook, it’s YOUR FAULT. Furthermork, it’s not my job to school you on Jews. If you’re interested in collecting Jews, eBay is your best guide to the different kinds and costs. All are worthwhile, IME. Unless the Old Testament is a problem for you. Or go to your local Jewer (although prices are generally better online). 2nd Vote publishes a handy guide to forward-thinking businesses that are tolerant of different views and are a good value for the money.

          • DT

            Gil-Scott Dracula,

            Facebook exposes you to other people’s thoughts and ideas. It’s only safe if you know how to use it and other resources to learn how much of those thoughts and ideas are BS.

            No, it’s not your job to school me on Jews but I wasn’t so much asking for the knowledge of what kind of Jews there are as much as I was asking what kind of Jews YOU THINK there are. B-)

            YES, 2nd Vote publishes a handy guide of forward-thinking businesses that are tolerant of different views, so that 2nd Voters may act intolerantly toward those businesses.

            The published guide has little to do with the value for the money and more to do with the value of the sanctimonious feeling of moral superiority derived from a sense that the beliefs 2nd Voters have, that they are of greater virtue than the average person.

            This self righteous joy is felt by the 2nd Voter hypocrites who cherry pick which corporations to boycott from the guide, much like they cherry pick which verses to follow from their doctrine.