Facebook’s Fact Checker in Financial Trouble

Snopes, the fact checking service commissioned by Facebook to crack down on “fake news” following last year’s presidential election, is in major financial trouble, according to a new report.  David Mikkelson, the owner of Snopes, recently created a GoFundMe internet campaign to try to raise money to keep his business afloat. This is despite the lucrative partnership with Facebook and his ability to give himself a base salary of $720,000 with extravagant benefits. [article continues after the break]

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Snopes also has a poor accuracy record, as 2nd Vote reported in March.  Several times, Snopes reported a debunked left-wing talking point as fact, including rating Live Action’s undercover investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices as “mostly false” despite the fact that Live Action proved just what they were looking to prove.

Facebook is in this situation because it hired an organization with a consistent bias to essentially police conservative speech on the social network.  While Facebook hopefully will now finally begin to see the problems with favoring one viewpoint over another, it already has an extensive history of support for liberal causes.  Among the liberal organizations it funds is the Center for American Progress, and it earns a ‘1’ on every issue that 2nd Vote tracks.  Click here to see all of our research on Facebook’s liberal activism.