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Fight Planned Parenthood’s Agenda by Marching for Life and Avoiding These Retailers

The 2018 March for Life, the world’s largest pro-life event, will be held this Friday, January 19, in Washington, DC.

Every year since 1973 when the Supreme Court made its infamous decision in Roe v. Wade, pro-life activists have gathered in our nation’s capitol to mark the anniversary in a somber, peaceful demonstration. Over 20,000 attended the first March for Life in 1974 and now the number of participants reaches over 400,000.

The 2018 March for Life will begin with a rally at 12:00 noon on the National Mall and then participants will march up Constitution Avenue to Supreme Court and the United States Capitol Building. Those unable to attend may still be able to join a March for Life event near their hometown this weekend as well.

The March for Life also gathers many pro-life leaders and organizations for an annual conference and expo. You can see the organizations involved here.

Additionally, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention will be hosting its third annual Evangelicals for Life conference with Focus on the Family in conjunction with the March for Life. You can watch a simulcast of the conference here.

These events celebrate the progress of the pro-life movement over the 45 years since Roe v. Wade made abortion on demand a heartbreaking reality for our culture. But, at 2ndVote, we believe you can support the pro-life movement every day of the year through your shopping habits.

Our Planned Parenthood resource page shows which companies directly support the largest provider of abortions in America. Through their donations, corporations like Bath & Body Works, Patagonia, United Airlines, and more fund not only Planned Parenthood’s abortion business, but the political activism and cover the abortion industry provides for criminal sex trafficking as well.

Visit our Planned Parenthood page here to see all the companies that support the abortion giant.

Remember, five major corporations, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Ford, Macy’s, and Xerox, have publicly distanced themselves from Planned Parenthood because pro-life consumers have engaged them for their support. It is incumbent upon all conservatives to continue reaching out to these companies to encourage them to cease their support for Planned Parenthood’s abortion business, and hold them accountable with our shopping habits as well. You can contact all of these companies through the links to their scorepages.

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  • Arlene VonderPorten Jacobs

    Thank you for the list. Now I know who to support. Planned Parenthood prevents more abortions then it provides. In fact planning and using birth control prevents abortions. What a surprise.

    • Maryam

      Abstinence is sure-proof.

      Abstinence honors & respects one’s whole personhood, & it’s natural. It allows one to progress in life without complicating that life with the risk of a family when one isn’t ready for it financially, emotionally, physically, or other. It is in fact the only genuine responsible way to treat, honor, & respect one’s body without turning it into an object to be used.

      Abstinence prevents abortion 100% by not putting a woman’s body at risk for abortion in the first place. It doesn’t require taking pills at a certain time of day – every day;
      it doesn’t instill fear of skipping pills, fear of other medications interacting with oral contraceptives;
      it doesn’t instill fear of lessening the effectiveness of pills that are intended to regulate a natural function of life that was never intended to be regulated artificially like it’s a disease.

      Abstinence is very simple: no sex, no babies. It’s God’s way, & God’s way is better.

    • gary0033

      Planned Parenthood kills 320,000 babies a year. And provides almost no other services – not mammography, not pre-natal care, etc. They KILL 320,000 babies a year. Planning? You mean a plan to kill babies…

      Please cite the sources that PP prevents more abortions than it provides.

      • Maryam

        Actually they do offer other services (Mammograhies in question though) – usually at a reduced/sliding scale fee. These services do not, however, bring in profit like abortion does. Abby Johnson, who used to work at a PP clinic before leaving it & joining the pro-life side, revealed that abortion means big money for PP.

        • John

          Planned Parenthood is NON-PROFIT. They don’t make a profit on any of what they do. That’s how being a non-profit organization works.

          • Maryam

            Not so – abortion is their cash cow.

    • Angelo G

      You can go to a Walmart store for birth control Arlene, “what a surprise.”

      The people that walk into Planned Parenthood are too stupid and have already done the damage.
      Like I said before though, if they want to use abortion as a form of birth control I am all for it.
      I would rather not see them reproduce anyway.
      It will be less people that will grow up that I will have to support as a taxpayer.
      They only would end up in jail, rehab or on welfare.

      • Maryam

        It is true that Walmart offers birth control as do other businesses, but PP offers lower cost or even free contraceptives. One does have to wonder about the quality, effectiveness, & safety of these products though. Historically, PP’s condoms have been poor quality – like they’re offering something to fail to get a bigger profit on a riskier & more expensive service. Oral contraceptives put users at certain health risks.

        I wouldn’t go so far as to call people who resort to PP or abortions names. Marketing convinces people that vice is good. That’s the way of the world with physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual consequences. Of course, the marketers never present that side of abortion – nor that post-abortion stress syndrome can affect people long after their abortion(s) took place.

        If money/cost is all that matters, then people are nothing more than objects to be disposed of at will. I don’t at all subscribe to that view as human beings are made in God’s image. All human life matters.

  • Angelo G

    Abortion is nothing short of murder, call it what ever you like.
    I must say this though, I think they should have all the abortions they want.
    The people having the abortions are only aborting people that will one day grow up to be like there parents otherwise,
    I don’t mind paying for abortions for these liberal morons , its better the having to pay for there offspring for the rest of there lives, weather in
    prison or the give them more social program benifits.

    • Maryam

      So are you saying that, while it’s still murder, you advocate for it because people who don’t fit your mold are unfit to live? Kind of a “You! Out of the gene pool!” approach?

      • Angelo G

        They don’t even realize they are weeding out there own kind.

        • Maryam

          A bit drastic – even if they are weeding out their own kind. Speaking rhetorically…

    • John

      If, as you claim, abortion is murder, are you saying it’s OK to murder people that you disagree with politically? And you call yourself pro-life?

      • Maryam

        Agreed. Inconsistent beliefs.