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Former Mozilla CEO Still Standing, Launches New Web Browser

Just two years after Brendan Eich was forced out of his position as CEO of Mozilla for simply supporting traditional marriage, he has introduced a brand new Internet browser known as Brave. The program offers an essentially ad-free browsing experience to users, is said to be “lightening-fast” and offers revolutionary privacy and security features. Many of Eich’s competitors stood against his groundbreaking concept and attempted to take legal action to stop the browser from prevailing.

But he stood “bravely” and defended his program. In choosing the name, Catherine Corre of Brave told LifeSiteNews:

“Brendan picked the name ‘Brave’ because we need users who will take a stand and fight back…”

The name Eich chose serves as a good representation of the man himself, who was betrayed by Mozilla for donating $1,000 to a proposal in California that defined marriage as a covenant between one man and one woman. He was called many offensive names because of his belief in traditional marriage and the family unit, yet still, he has returned with innovative ideas and proves that one can still stand up for his or her beliefs, and win!

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  • Rick Williams

    I deleted Mozilla from my computers after their treatment of Brendan. I have downloaded Brave to my desk computer (WIN) and my iPhone.

    • Spectrum

      Good for you.

      Homosexual behaviour is not a civil right.

  • rtow

    The official Mozilla statement as I recall said they never asked him to leave. They aren’t off the hook in my view, as his departure is telling of a cultural pressure they probably should have surmounted on his behalf. But it’s important to the integrity of organizations such as 2nd Vote to use utmost charity in depicting the actions of those it disagrees with. I urge your writers to make sure you are not relaying a false or unfair image of others.

    • Spectrum

      Same-sex “marriage” is an abomination to God, and we should be actively seeking ways to overturn it.

      ( Is that a “false image” to you ) ?

  • TR


  • Lala Land

    Until reading the article, I had no idea this browser existed. I’m downloading it now, and the only thing it has to do with his stance on gay marriage is that it’s wrong to put pressure on others to think as we do.

    • Spectrum

      “….it’s wrong to put pressure on others to think as we do….”

      But it’s not wrong for the gay mafia to force us to accept and approve of THEIR sinful practices ?

      • Lala Land

        Oh, my goodness no. I was putting myself on his side (and the side of anyone with an opinion, which means all of us) — we shouldn’t be pressured if we feel differently than other people about a subject. That’s why I downloaded the Brave browser! He has a right to feel as he does, and he stuck by his guns – good for him! I was wondering after I posted if it would read as I intended.

  • Tim Rice

    I wondered why firefox took a turn towards the “they know what is better for me attitude”. There is no room for the Liberalism cancer in my life. My computer, my browser, my experience. I just want a secure & safe way of viewing the internet.
    I should have known that firefox got hijacked by the intolerant liberalism cancer that doesn’t actually allow for freedom.

  • NoCrud

    Firefox is good but Brave is well worth a try. I suspect it will be even better than Firefox.

  • Teri Ellis

    I’m definitely giving it a try!