Girl Scouts No Longer a “Compatible Partner” for Kansas City Archdiocese

Hold onto your cookies, the Girl Scouts have been banished from the Archdiocese of Kansas City because the organization is “no longer a compatible partner when it comes to issues like virtue and values,” according to this report.

The Washington Post reports that Catholics fear the Girl Scouts’ programs and materials are “reflective of many of the trouble trends in our secular culture,” and that the organization is “no longer a compatible partner in helping us form young women with the virtues and values of the Gospel.”

Instead, the Archdiocese are showing America’s Thin Mint selling Girls Scouts the door in favor of a pro-life, Christian organization, American Heritage Girls. The mission of AHG is listed as, “Building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country,” seems very fitting for the Archdiocese. The faith-based scouting group is growing rapidly, already teetering at forty-seven thousand members and spreading over multiple states.

Will the Girl Scouts hear the Archdiocese of Kansas City’s decision to drop them and their cookies and mold their virtues and teachings to be more compatible with an organization like American Heritage Girls? Only time will tell.

  • Paul Raymond

    Took them long enough. The Girl Scouts have been Leftist and immoral for years.

    • hubwolf

      The left enjoys nothing more than destroying institutions formerly effective in building character, values and ethics. Like the Taliban they are always looking for the centuries old carved stone Buddha to destroy because Buddha does not support what they’re selling.

  • Jim Strong


  • James Bryson

    Shame on the corporate extortion that took Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from icons of safe, virtuous, youth development and twisted them into another cheap ploy in the LGBTQxyz alternate universe.