ICYMI: 2ndVote Is a “Scorecard for Conservative Values”

“We want corporations to focus on having a great product, a great service, get out of the culture wars,” says 2ndVote Founder and Chairman Dr. David Black.

Last week, Dr. Black and 2ndVote were profiled in Bloomberg Businessweek for the work we’re doing to hold corporations accountable for their activism.

Since 2012, we have researched over 4,000 businesses and non-profits and grown a following of 350,000 who use 2ndVote’s information to make shopping decisions that align with their conservative values. However, our greatest impact has come from our countless members who have engaged companies like Target, Lands’ End, Macy’s, Chili’s, and the National Football League for their liberal activism.

Here’s more coverage of the story from Bloomberg:

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