ICYMI: AT&T Leans Left Despite Celebrating Tax Cuts

“AT&T continues its long record of lending support to the left on social issues,” reports One News Now, the news division of the American Family Association.

In recent weeks, AT&T has lauded the GOP tax cuts and announced its employees would be receiving additional bonuses due to the positive impact tax reform will have on business. However, AT&T still funds leftist organizations such as the Human Rights Campaign that are fighting against the policies that financially benefit its own employees.

Furthermore, it appears AT&T continues to promote HRC’s radical gender identity agenda as a new contract includes some troubling provisions:

AT&T’s contract with the Communication Workers of America (CWA) union provides enforceable protections, for example, for men wearing women’s clothing at work, regardless of union members who oppose it – a policy impacting thousands of workers in 16 states.

Read the article in its entirety here.

On the AT&T scorepage, you can see more about this company’s support for gender identity politics, including sponsorship of a group known as Equality California that successfully lobbied for a new law to criminalize ‘improper’ pronoun use in that state.

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  • Morri

    This is troubling, but there is an alternative for mobile phone service. Check out Patriot Mobile, an openly conservative company that donates part of their profits to conservative causes and ensures that none of your cell phone bill is donated to liberal or progressive causes. “Big Mobile” has a clear agenda – which is not likely your agenda.

    • these fools whisper to you in the night
      still we come
      frantic their grasping for your treasure
      still we come
      it is of no import, no use and no meaning
      for still we shall come – perhaps this night
      for the anger in your blood is delicious
      and irresistible your fear
      primed by these swine you revere
      awaiting your fate
      an explosion of blood and fire
      then freedom
      your hate of other will turn
      and the depth of your folly
      will power your exploits evermore
      embrace death

  • ccalreds

    Never liked ATT. Have no use for them.

  • Shadow

    It would be good if they shared with the retired employees that got the little retirement plan of $400. a month.