ICYMI: Patagonia Alienates Half the Country

“Outdoor industry leader Patagonia has gone to war with the GOP over national monuments heading into the holiday shopping season,” reports The Washington Times.

Last week we covered how Patagonia’s founder called the Trump administration “evil” for the decision to return federal land to the states of Utah and Nevada while his company continues to support Planned Parenthood.

The Washington Times reached out to 2ndVote for a comment:

Given that we’re in middle of the Christmas shopping season, these companies are alienating half the country during the most critical time of year for the retail industry.

Companies like Patagonia, REI, and North Face bear a great deal of responsibility for the current political climate, especially when these CEOs use their positions as a platform to promote an agenda or score political points. These corporate leaders fail to understand their customers are becoming better informed consumers due to technology and are able to make the connections from their shopping dollars to political advocacy. If conservatives vote according to their values on election day, they’re not going to allow their shopping dollars to support agendas that undermine those values.

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  • Paul Raymond

    Let’s go get them and make them pay!

  • Freedom fighter

    So, Patagonia, an outdoors industry leader, thinks it is better to take large swaths of land away from people and forbid them to hunt, camp or fish there? I don’t think you understand your own brand! By giving the land back to the states, who can better manage it, the people get to actually use it. How leftist are you?

  • Theo Stall

    1st time I heard about PATAGONIA …but…BOYCOTT!!!

  • MLipenk

    I’m not into snooty clothing anyway. Why pay four times necessary just for a Leftist backed name?

  • libsrtheh8ters

    The vast majority of their utterly brain dead customer base are leftist hippie granola heads who are so driven by prestige & fitting in that they are willing to pay ridiculously high prices for gear they could get anywhere else for half the price. So they can confidently spew their communist B S knowing the kind of emotionally stunted, image driven customers they have.
    If just the Christians in this country would refuse to shop at stores that refuse to acknowledge Christmas or that spew communist, anti-American rhetoric these arrogant corporate a$ $holes would be forced to keep their mouths shut. Unfortunately these leftist millionaires & billionaires OWN all of the major media outlets so few people hear about these things. How many decent human beings would still be drinking Starbucks coffee if they knew the CEO/founder declared he would hire 10,000 muslim refugees over jobless Americans?

  • Angelo G

    They make the kind of crap that yuppies and hipsters wear .
    Real outdoors people don’t buy that junk its show stuff not functional.

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Anything out of the northwest is leftist.