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Immigrants Flood to Chicago, Other Sanctuary Cities Ahead of Inauguration

The Consulate General of Mexico in Chicago is claiming that illegal immigrants are coming to the city because of its sanctuary policies citing the approaching inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

According to The Daily Caller, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has publicized his city’s sanctuary status and indicated that he will continue to thwart law enforcement efforts by federal immigration officials. Emanuel has even established a taxpayer supported defense fund to provide legal services to illegal immigrants.

The lawless policies advanced by Emanuel in Chicago are closely aligned with the agenda promoted by liberal advocacy groups like LULAC and La Raza who fight immigration reform efforts aimed at holding sanctuary cities accountable. Furthermore, LULAC and La Raza lobbying work is supported by many major corporations like Walmart, Comcast, and Bank of America.

Here are 20 companies we’ve found that support both of these liberal organizations. Isn’t it time to engage them for helping fund advocacy that protects dangerous sanctuary city policies?

Bank of America
General Motors
Southwest Airlines
Time Warner Cable

  • Harry B Verre

    He should stick to mayor issues like sanitary sewers

  • libsrtheh8ters

    It’s funny how much power blue states have to ignore federal law. There are no threats, riots, boycotts or savage beatings of pro leftist supporters unlike what happens whenever a red state tries to assert its constitutional rights. Think of the leftist terrorist beat down in North Carolina when they wanted to ignore, NOT LAW, but Obama’s outrageous decision to include gender dysphoria In our already unconstitutional “civil rights” law. Every major corporation, the leftist propaganda spewing media, athletes, actors, singers all savaged the NC governor for allowing private businesses to set their own bathroom policies, WOW, how outrageous!
    Maybe when enough middle class morons in Chicago are robbed, raped & murdered they MIGHT have enough sense to demand these unlawful sanctuary policies end but I doubt it.

  • James Bryson

    Illegal immigrants fleeing to the murder capital of the United States…really? Congratulations mayor.

    Democratic Party leadership in action! Additionally, see Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore, etc…decades of failed non-leadership.

  • Jay

    It has been said that military conquest is a poor and difficult way to overthrow and over run a nation and is rarely successful. The most effective way to accomplish the overthrow of a nation is through infiltration of government followed by illegal immigration and breeding both the culture and the current population out of existence. In order to accomplish these things the host nation has to voluntarily give up its most strongly held beliefs and convictions in order to accommodate and tolerate the destructive characteristics of the invading nation and its hoards of illegal immigrants.

  • Virginia Watson

    They are going to wish they never entered Chicago. This is the results of the Obama administration ignoring immigration policies and flooding us with refugees, Muslims and criminal immigrants in an effort to over throw our government. Now that everything is a huge mess, Obama is leaving and Trump gets stuck with problem and gets criticized for trying to get rid of them all, before our welfare system and criminal justice system collapses. The american taxpayer cannot feed all these people and give them housing and free college, all this is illegal for non citizens and most know it, but they want to get around the system. It is the criminals that try to get around the systems not the honest ones. I am appalled that these criminals can come into america and get welfare and housing when the honest citizens do not qualify for any of this. It is not fair to them or the tax payers. They knew they were dodging the system when they came here and just because they got away with it for a while does not mean it is right, and just because Obama ignored our constitution and immigration policies and actually gave them welfare and allowed the rapist, murderers,gun dealers, drug dealers and pedophiles to return, again and again to commit more crimes and create more victims, after they were previously deported. Shameful.

  • The question I am asked most often in respect to President Donald J. Trump is do I think they will try to kill him? I think you’ll be surprised at my answer.