Big News! 2ndVote’s All New Website Design

It’s here!

Today we’re unveiling our newly redesigned website and we’re excited to show you, our 2ndVote members, our brand new home!

We’re dedicated to bringing you the latest on corporate activism so we’ve created a new experience to better connect you to current events and to our research on the issues that matter most.

When we first launched in 2013, we would have never believed things would move so fast. But, because you’ve helped us grow through your engagement and your financial support, we’ve been able to accomplish so much, and grow beyond our original capabilities.

The new website has been built from the ground up and it still features the company scores that show how corporations use your money to fund advocacy on the issues of Life, Marriage, the 2nd Amendment, the Environment, Education, and Immigration.

Now we’re thrilled to also provide better access to current events, more content and more research.

We hope you’ll come check out the new look at www.2ndVote.com and explore the new interface designed specifically with our members in mind.

We’d love to have your feedback, so please let us know what you think of our latest development by emailing us here: Info@2ndVote.com

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