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Jack in the Box’s No-Guns Policy Fails to Stop Armed Criminals (Again)

Yet again, armed criminals have targeted a Jack in the Box location despite the company asking (very nicely) that people not bring guns into their stores.

WSMV is reporting that two robbers held employees at gunpoint and stole money from Jack in the Box at 1 a.m. last night in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jack in the Box caved to pressure from the Shannon Watt’s anti-2nd Amendment group Moms Demand Action in 2014 and publicly announced that the company preferred “guests not bring their guns inside restaurants.”

Unfortunately for Jack in the Box, it seems more and more that armed criminals consider the fast-food chain to be a ‘soft target’. In fact, a store in Oklahoma was robbed at gunpoint earlier this month.

WSMV’s coverage of last night’s robbery also included an interesting tidbit for Shannon Watts’ “only police should have guns” friends in the anti-gun left:

One worker ran across the street to get help from officers at a nearby gas station. By the time officers arrived, the robbers had already taken off with the money.

For more on Jack in the Box’s positions on all the issues, click here.

  • Cobranut

    Although I generally avoid any business with such a policy, I, very nicely, carry my guns into any restaurant or business I frequent. What they don’t know will never harm them.

  • 81537

    I won’t break Laws. Stores cannot make laws.Therefore, guess what?

  • mark_town

    Even if I did carry, I would let Jack-Of_ know that, and I’d be dam if I’d pull it out to help save Jack-Of_ anyway! Like the saying goes: “careful what you ask for”!