What Kind of Politics Does Your Pizza Deliver?

In a conference call with investors earlier this week, Papa John’s founder and CEO “Papa” John Schnatter blasted the National Football League’s handling of the national anthem protests saying, “The NFL has hurt us and, more importantly, by not resolving the current debacle to the [players’ and owners’] satisfaction, NFL leadership has hurt Papa John’s.”

It comes as no surprise the “official pizza” of the NFL and the Super Bowl would feel the financial impact of the negative brand association generated by the league’s current unpopularity. Reports indicate that Papa John’s will try to reverse the current trend by removing the NFL Shield and other references in future advertising.

After recent comments by Papa John’s competitors, Pizza Hut and DiGiorno, the media appears to be developing a narrative that pizza companies may be on opposing sides of the anthem protest issue.

Yahoo! Finance, which is owned by Verizon (2 – Lean Liberal), published an article with this headline: “Pizza Hut counters Papa John’s claim of NFL hurting pizza sales.” The story refers to a statement made by the CEO of Pizza Hut’s parent company, YUM! Brands, who said his company was “not seeing any impact” from the anthem protest controversy.

However, the article also quoted a Bloomberg financial analyst who appeared validate Papa John’s position saying, “I’m not blaming them for citing it. If this is a permanent thing, they have to figure out where to spend some of those ad dollars.”

On the other hand, DiGiorno, which is owned by Nestle (2.4 – Lean Liberal), took direct aim at Papa John’s via Twitter in an attempt to gain a piece of the pie in the midst of this week’s pizza coverage:

While Domino’s (2.7 – Lean Liberal) has not yet added any sauce, could we be seeing a new pizza war heating up the ovens? 2ndVote has the background research showing where all these companies align on political and cultural issues so you can know what is actually delivered in that box:

Papa John’s (5 – Conservative)

Papa John’s financially supports The Salvation Army, an organization that supports Pro-Life values and traditional marriage.

Pizza Hut (2 – Lean Liberal)

Pizza Hut’s parent company, YUM! Brands, contributes to the YWCA and National Urban League, organizations that are members of the anti-2nd Amendment Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV). The YWCA is pro-abortion and supports same-sex marriage and National Urban League supports sanctuary city policies.

Domino’s (2.7 – Lean Liberal)

Domino’s has donated to Equality Michigan, a liberal LGBT advocacy organization that opposes religious liberty protections for business owners.

DiGiorno (2.4 –  Lean Liberal)

DiGiorno’s parent company Nestle supports the economically burdensome Paris Climate Agreement and contributes to Planned Parenthood supporters Susan G. Komen and March of Dimes.

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  • iam

    when you don a uniform, be it a sports uniform or a military uniform, you have taken up the mantle of representing something more than yourself. that’s why it’s important not to abuse the responsibility that goes along with it. it’s presumptuous of nfl players to say, or think, that soldier’s fight and die for their right to “protest” at the same time denigrating the very symbols that are supposed to unite this country. i would remind those players that a person donning a military uniform to serve their country does so at the forfeit of that very same “right” of protesting that they are claiming for themselves. why? because of what the uniform that soldier is wearingrepresents. it’s sad to see that the nfl players do not respect what their uniforms represent. nor do they understand that when they “protest” while wearing that uniform, they presume to speak for the team, their employer, their fans…and yes, their sponsors…like papa john’s. it’s just plain bad behavior on the part of these athletes…who may never have learned the importance of responsibility.

  • SwampKiller

    According to 2nd vote, Papa John’s is solidly conservative. If they want to maintain that (and increase sales) they should disavow the NFL right now, NOT at the end of the “season”……..

  • Kodos

    Many folks are learning that it’s ok to have Sundays with no NFL. Once out of the habit of watching football, it’s kind of hard to go back to.

    The NFL has seriously hurt their long term popularity with this badly handled situation. Not a knife to the heart, but “tis enough good Romeo, tis ‘nough” as the poet said.

    • Blitz_Kriegen

      With the rise of the ‘FC’ Soccer clubs, the NFL is not being missed nearly as much as they wish, at least in my area.

  • mack

    I will support Papa Johns and hope you will too.They have a lot invested in advertising materials no problem, with me, phasing it out. Stand up Americans and back people and company’s with values.

  • Rob

    The Green Bay Packer team link arms in protest every week, with the exception of Clay Matthews who has chosen to stand back with his hand on his heart. Sure they’re standing during the Anthem but linking arms is a form of protest known as a “dog whistle.” A one minute protest, play a game of football and go home to your mansions. Oh occasionally point the finger and claim oppression, but be thankful and respectful? Nah.
    Its not like veterans helped them shine their mercedes or anything sacrificial like that.

  • George Bernard Vieto

    My belief for the reason that Papa John’s Pizza sales have suffered is due to poor service or a bad pizza.

    • libsrtheh8ters

      If that were true, you utterly brain dead leftist useful idiot, then their sales would have suffered long before a bunch of uneducated, black supremacist pieces of $ HIT started denigrating a country & people that made them multibillionaires.

      • George Bernard Vieto

        I am just a brain dead idiot like Domino’s Pizza is owned by Bozo The Clown. Now enjoy your insults on me since what you say is so full of bull poop it is really funny. See you at the Chespirito Theater for some comic relief. Good night mi amigo.

  • libsrtheh8ters

    Contact Pizza Hut, owned by leftist globalist communists, & let them know they can take their RACIST, BLACK SUPREMACIST, emotionally stunted P O S, a$$hole football players & shove them up their communist a$$es. Let them pay them millions to throw a ball around while spitting in the faces of the mostly WHITE men who DIED in the battlefield so they could have that privilege.

  • Darlene Gordon

    Does anyone not remember that this began as a protest against police treatment of blacks? Fans and media have since then enlarged this to mean protesting our beloved servicemen and the USA. What is the real reason?

    • Clockp

      Players choose to make their self-serving political “protest” during the National Anthem. Very simple.

  • Skip Barney

    We will NOT buy ANYTHING with a nfl logo on it.

  • I would like to deeply research who actually hold stock/owns YUM brands (which is rumored as an overseas company, owning Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, KFC, and likely much more). While it would explain why they haven’t been impacted financially (they don’t care about the country’s welfare as long as were dependent on their goods), it would probably sadden me to know what little of America is owned by actual America.

  • harleyguy77

    we eat pappa johns & dominos never had a reason to think poltics till now sorry dominos we are kicking u too the curb !!!!!!!!

  • Angelo G

    Pizza hut is garbage any way,

    • Blitz_Kriegen

      Since no one orders P.Hut anyway, it’s not surprising they don’t notice the change.
      They keep closing restaurants in our area.

  • SandraM

    Good to know! Thanks.