Kirk Cameron’s REVIVE US 2 Now Available on DVD

If you missed Kirk Cameron’s REVIVE US 2 live event in theaters last fall, this fantastic production is now available on DVD and digital.

This “National Family Meeting” is the sequel to 2016’s record breaking REVIVE US event and featured influential leaders such as Alex and Stephen Kendrick, Dr. Ben Carson, Joni Eareckson Tada, Ravi Zacharias, Trillia Newbell, Zach Williams, Christian Cuevas, and more in a “night of hope, courage, and unity.”

2ndVote is a proud partner of REVIVE US 2 and many of our followers have had incredible things to say about this production. See the trailer here:

REVIVE US 2: Trailer

To purchase REVIVE US 2 or the original REVIVE US, please visit today.

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  • Red Baron

    Just because “Christians” show up in a theater once a year doesn’t make a national movement. Too many of these “Christians” belong to denominations that do everything possible to deny the Holy Bible and bedrock Christian beliefs. How many of these “worshipers” read the Holy Bible and pray every day? Call me cynical, but I know the state of believers I run across in business, in the marketplace, and all over doesn’t bode well for America. Most could not articulate their core beliefs well. Many believe they don’t need to worship with other Christians, believing that solitary Christianity is Biblical. If you want to see how off base Christianity is today, go visit a “Christian” bookstore and peruse the shelves. The lies, falsehoods, and leaders of the blind in what should be a safe place for Christians to receive solid Biblical teachings is symptomatic of the American Christian culture at large.

    • A PRAYER:

      if ever my soul grows weary

      and banks the fire in my heart

      I come to this place and am refreshed

      that others of my ilk are poised

      unafraid of the abyss

      every day preparing

      to loose the sea of blood

      that will make us new again

      and preceded by irony endless

      the bottomless, shameless ever-joke

      alway it is this way, from the beginning

      it does not matter who you think you serve

      if your commitment is complete

      so bring the war

      the purge

      the show

      paint the sky

      with fires and flesh-smoke

      vital fluids boiling on the sidewalk

      it all means nothing

      nothing at all

      nothing means anything after all

      so prepare your scythe

      sharpen your loathing

      remake yourself

      an agent of pain

      of death