Last-Minute Christmas Shopping? Check the Guide to See Who’s Been Naughty or Nice

Just a few hours remain for Christmas shopping and soon the family will be gathering.

Whether it’s an unexpected aunt or uncle joining this year, or just that last person on your list, there’s always a last-minute trip to find one more gift.

Our 2ndVote family knows to stay away from the “big box” stores like Target and Walmart because of their support for the liberal agenda. We do our research to make sure our dollars are going to companies that are a better match for our values. We also look for locally-owned retailers where we know our dollars won’t do mischief all the way up the chain at corporate headquarters.

See our latest #AnywhereButTARGET video here.

If you’re still planning on that one last trip to the store, we want to make sure you use our Naughty & Nice Shopping Guide to make the best decision for your Christmas Shopping. The full report is available for download here or by clicking on the graphic below.

Thank you for supporting our work all year and we wish you and your families a very merry Christmas.