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Looking Back at 2016: ExxonMobil

A comprehensive investigative report by The Daily Signal has uncovered a complex scheme organized by liberal environmentalists to prosecute so-called “skeptics of climate change” and members of the fossil fuel industry.

These revelations appear to shed light on the events that led to subpoenas of communications between ExxonMobil and conservative think tanks earlier this year. The subpoenas were issued by Attorney General Claude Walker of the U.S. Virgin Islands as part of an apparent witch-hunt investigation looking for proof that ExxonMobil had allegedly misled the public on the risks of atmospheric change.

AG Walker was later forced to withdraw a subpoena of communications between ExxonMobil and the Competitive Enterprise Institute due to concerns that the order violated free speech protections.

Despite a relatively liberal record on the issues, ExxonMobil will likely remain a target as environmentalists were able to make punishing the company a key part of the DNC platform.

See where ExxonMobil, who is also a financial supporter of Planned Parenthood, stands on all the issues, here.