Looking Back at 2017: Target

Over the past two years, Target has shown why companies should stay neutral on divisive issues.

In 2016, Target’s corporate office announced the restroom and changing room facilities in all of its stores were open to all-comers regardless of biological sex. In other words, Target invited men to use the women’s restroom based on how they felt at that particular moment despite the obvious safety concerns.

It is important to remember Target’s announcement came in response to North Carolina’s HB-2, a common-sense measure to roll back the City of Charlotte’s sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) accommodation mandate that put business owners and their customers at risk. In addition to enabling predators, SOGI accommodation mandates, ultimately undermine 1st Amendment protections for business owners who run their businesses in accordance with their faith.

However, Target, a top corporate supporter of the liberal Human Rights Campaign, signaled its clear support for the radical LGBT agenda by announcing the policy.

Target also failed to understand that conservatives were unwilling to support this type of activism with their shopping dollars and millions have joined the #BoycottTarget movement in response. In fact, last Christmas, Target’s sales dropped 3% from the previous year due to lighter than expected traffic in stores and investors hammered the stock price in 2017.

CEO Brian Cornell tried to shift blame by insisting he hadn’t approved the controversial bathroom announcement. The corporate communications team was thrown under the bus and later in 2017 the chief communications officer quietly stepped down.

As it turns out, customers were right to be concerned with how Target’s policy creates unsafe environments inside its store. Multiple incidents at Target and other retailers have been cited by the Family Research Council illustrating how predators are enabled by bathroom policies allowing anyone to choose based on how they feel.

Despite these incidents and a recent forecast for ANOTHER weak Christmas shopping season, Target is still standing by its controversial and dangerous policy.

That is why we’re still shopping #AnywhereButTARGET. Target’s well-documented support for the left’s entire agenda makes this company one of the most liberal in our database. Help us continue spreading the word by sharing this video with your social media followers:

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  • glenbo

    And yet, Target stock went up 4.62% today.
    And NO assaults ever occurred in ANY restroom by any transgendered people.

    Christian boycotting, bullying and bigotry doesn’t work in a society of acceptance and diversity.
    Sorry, Jesus fans…you DON’T own the world.

    How pitiful facts and truth have to be manipulated to further a sinister bigoted hate-inspired agenda.

    • Elizabeth

      Facts are fun! First, Target is up because of speculation that Amazon may consider buying it this year, which is only a thought because of how poorly it’s doing It still underwhelms vs. other S&P.

      “Amazon shares rose 56 percent in 2017 versus Target stock’s 10 percent decline.”

      Second, there have been arrests from the bathrooms:

      There are quite a few more.

      • glenbo

        >>”Target is up because of speculation that Amazon may consider buying it “<>”there have been arrests from the bathroom”<<

        2 things wrong with your post:
        1) How do we know this man is transgender?
        2) He wasn't in a bathroom, but a changing room.

        A true transgendered person isn't interested in members of the opposite sex.
        Voyeurs have been abusing changing rooms forever. And in many other stores. The manipulation of reporting shows religious bias.