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Lyft’s Donation to ACLU Is Funding “Coordinated Airport Protests” over Immigration Order

Is your rideshare fare helping fund “coordinated airport protests” by leftwing activists that have broken out over the past few days? Well, if you’re a Lyft customer, you may be contributing to the ACLU’s efforts to keep President Trump’s executive order regarding immigration vetting tied up in court.

On Sunday, the co-founders of Lyft sent an open email to its members affirming the popular rideshare platform’s opposition to the order and promising to donate $1 million to the ACLU over the next four years.

While partnering with and directly funding a liberal organization like the ACLU would be troubling enough, RedState has found that the ACLU has dispatched lawyers to airports and courtrooms with the goal mounting legal challenges to the order. That would seem to put the ACLU in middle of “chaotic” protests that that snarled traffic at major airports like the scene New York-JFK’s international arrivals gate on Saturday.

Interestingly, Lyft’s statement and commitment to fund the ACLU stand in contrast to that majority of corporations that have not specifically weighed in on the issue at hand.

Our research shows that Lyft has taken very liberal positions on the issues and scores a 1.3 (Liberal) on 2ndVote’s points scale. You can see Lyft’s scorepage here. If Lyft doesn’t align with our values, shouldn’t we consider doing business a company that has a much more neutral record like Uber?


  • HadEnough

    Companies should stay out of politics. If the decision is made to choose a side, the company should expect some backlash from the other side. Causes like animal shelters, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, scholarships, and services for the homeless would make better sense. They are causes that would offend no one.

  • Yehuda

    Lyft’s political involvement in this is shocking but makes sense. After all, it’s those immigrants that they sucker to make profits for Lyft while paying them bupkess. No doubt – I’ll be using Uber.

    • libsrtheh8ters

      Get a car.

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  • libsrtheh8ters

    During the Iran crisis Jimmy Carter rounded up Iranian students & those considered a threat were told to leave, thousands more self deported. Was he a “bigot” too? Hillary Clinton & Chuck Schumer VOTED FOR A WALL on our southern border, are THEY “racists”? FU, lying leftist, propaganda spewing hypocrites!

  • Dr. Don

    Just deleted my Lyft account. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  • stonebreaker

    uber is my choice now.