Maybelline Announces “Male Ambassador”; Are Cosmetic Companies Intentionally Blurring Gender Lines?

Another cosmetic company is utilizing male models to market makeup and beauty products.

Last fall, CoverGirl, a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble, featured its first “CoverBoy” in a new ad campaign. Now, Maybelline has announced that it has a “Male Ambassador” helping launch its new line of mascara.

According to Breitbart News, the new model believes that makeup is “GenderLESS” because “boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition.”

Maybelline’s parent company, L’Oreal, received a 2 (Lean Liberal) on 2ndVote’s scorepage.

What do you say? Are companies intentionally blurring gender lines to open up more revenue streams? Or are Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal playing a larger advocacy role in support of the so-called “gender revolution?”

  • Goro

    I hope their customers will be disgusted by it….because it looks disgusting

  • dmprisk

    boycott Maybelline.

  • Virginia Watson

    Maybeline is just not that good, this will be appalling to women and they will loose customers.

  • libsrtheh8ters

    Women are biologically more emotional than logical. So when giant leftist corporations, Hollywood, every form of mainstream media & our educational system from preschool through college tells them how compassionate, cool & morally superior they are for embracing homosexuality & the rest of the LGBTQ agenda they eat it up like candy. That is why they are targeted first, then they browbeat & nag their boyfriends & husbands to accept it too. That is how you fundamentally transform your culture.

  • Mikal McLain

    The sexiest straight men ive ever seen wear much more makeup for movies and concerts. Men should know it makes you look striking. And if the product is good, who is anyone to judge what others can do with it? I dont get gender revolution out of this, maybe a marketing revolution.

    • Bonnie G

      That is fine. No woman is going to wear a make-up that caters to men. This “marketing move” is stupid. Who thought of this, a man?

      • Mikal McLain

        I dont know about that, Im still buying it and no commercial is going to change that. Outrage over this kind of stuff isnt healthy, and Im sure they wont miss a few customers that feel otherwise.

  • Jennifer

    Just watched it on my local news. He actually grew up about an hour from where I live so it’s a big thing here. So so so so sad over it. Sadly there will be so much more of this to come

  • Terry Rice

    i dont see why anyone would put any makeup on.women IMO look Tons better without it.