Meet the Liberal Corporations Supporting the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Assault on Christians and Conservatives

D. James Kennedy Ministries has filed a defamation lawsuit against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) over the reckless and politically motivated use of the “hate group” tag.

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A spokesman for Kennedy Ministries said:

It’s completely disingenuous to tag D. James Kennedy Ministries as a hate group alongside the KKK and neo-Nazis. We desire all people, with no exceptions, to receive the love of Christ and his forgiveness and healing. We unequivocally condemn violence, and we hate no one.

It’s ridiculous for the SPLC to falsely tag evangelical Christian ministries as “hate groups” simply for upholding the 2,000-year-old Christian consensus on marriage and sexuality. It’s nothing more than an attempt to bulldoze over those who disagree with them, and it has a chilling effect on the free exercise of religion in a nation built on that. We decided not to let their falsehoods stand.

SPLC’s so-called “hate map” has been linked to violent attacks against conservatives in the past. In 2012, a gunman wounded a Family Research Council (FRC) employee when he attempted to gain access to the organization’s Washington, DC headquarters. The suspect would later tell FBI investigators he targeted FRC because it was listed as an “anti-gay group” by SPLC and “planned to kill as many people as possible and then to smear [Chick-fil-A] sandwiches on their faces as a political statement.”

SPLC was also linked to the recent attack on the Republican Congressional baseball team practice when U.S. Representative Steve Scalise wounded by a gunman who was reported fan of SPLC’s Facebook page, in addition to other leftist groups.

Other conservative organizations labeled as “hate groups” by SPLC merely for their conservative principles and Judeo-Christian beliefs include Alliance Defending Freedom, American Family Association, organizations opposing illegal immigration, and many more.

The Kennedy Ministries lawsuit is a serious matter because SPLC sits on top of a massive warchest–an endowment of over $300 million–to finance it’s legal battles and political attacks. The Washington Times reports SPLC’s rating was downgraded last year from a “C+” to an “F” for having an indordinate amount of reserve assets compared to annual operating costs. William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection suggests “SPLC’s bad habit sensationalizing and politicizing ‘hate’ ” is designed “to generate even more money for its already bloated coffers.”

Unfortunately, ‘sensationalizing hate’ appears to work for liberal corporations eager to help fund SPLC’s agenda. Both Apple ($1 million) and JPMorgan Chase ($500,000) have pledged to massive donations of corporate dollars in recent days. Apple has also launched a platform to solicit donations to SPLC through it’s iTunes store. Incidentally, the Hollywood liberal icon George Clooney he would be donating $1 million through his foundation as well.

Apple and JPMorgan Chase aren’t the only companies supporting SPLC’s defamation and targeting of conservatives. We’ve compiled a list of fifteen other corporations that directly enable SPLC’s politically motivated attacks. Our SPLC resource page documents the financial relationships between companies like Charles Schwab, Kraft Heinz, Newman’s Own, Verizon, and more and this radical group whose misleading information has helped inspire true violence.

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The lawsuit brought by Kennedy Ministries is a first step to defunding SPLC, but conservatives can support that goal every day through informed shopping decisions.

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  • James Bryson

    SPLC and their VFN-MSM sewer pipes (CNN, etc…) need to be taken to the legal woodshed.

    Both the SPLC and VFN-MSM worship only $$$, so make them listen, and correct their slander.

    • Kevin Cook

      Ha ha, ever watch Fox? Supreme court of Florida ruled that they do not have to be truthful in their reporting because they were deemed a entertainment “news” cast! This happen under the other republican asshole president .Foolish people listen to commercial new and expect truth !

      • Angelo G

        Your a fool

        • Kevin Cook

          Facts! Deal with that.

      • Clay99

        Fox lies are out 10% as bad as CNN and MSNBC. You should read some books by friend….

    • Marcus Mattau

      Ban all religions and end your demented nonsense. We have witnessed enough crimes committed under the banner of religions.

      • We have witnessed even more crimes committed under the banner of atheistic communism. The SPLC itself actively encourages hate crimes against its enemies.

        • sending love & light worldwide

          oooohhhhh bullshit! Stop putting an umbrella over groups of people, this is the reason for all of our problems, being divisive, instead of taking individual action into account we want to say, it’s ALLLL Christians, ALLL Whites, ALLL Blacks, ALLL atheist, we’re going nowhere like this!

          • Clay99

            SPLC is ran my Communists…..they’ve just changed their name to Progressives. They are really just the “New Left’ born out of the 1960’s and 70’s radicals. Before you call bullshit on people you should read some books. No, not Al Gores global warming books…..

          • Marie

            Putting an umbrella under groups? Isn’t that what an umbrella is to a group?

      • Clay99

        You are a fascist. Also foolish. Banning religion would turn into WW3 with nearly a billion people being killed. Think again Marcus

      • Marie

        Rely on the powerful Leftist?

        What have they done for anyone?

  • Marcus Mattau

    Ban all religions and end your demented nonsense. We have witnessed enough crimes committed under the banner of religions

    • Marie

      Yet, government hasn’t killed anyone…:/

  • Venus

    Interesting that religious organizations labeled as hate mongers are violently attacked because they have been labeled hateful. So, violence isn’t hateful anymore. Right…

  • It would be even better the corporate logos linked to contact info for the corporations, their social media, a prepackaged tweet etc.

  • cruscntrl

    At the core we need to ban special interest lobbying and expose the covert operations that have expanded their anti hate mission to include all political opposition. They hide behind liberal slogans and are thus able to garner donations, but are nothing more than funded political action branches. Certainly not a public service group treating all with equanimity.

  • PStarr

    Leftist/communist orgs need to banned, the adherents locked-up and or deported. That would include the Communist Party USA, The Democrat Party, the SPLC, and the rest. Of course, they’re all such cowards unless they own all the weapons and have disarmed the citizens, that they will hide and pretend they’re something else, because they know that only their useful idiots will want their BS.

    • mollysdad

      Locked-up, deported or executed.

    • As much as I hate leftists, I would oppose your proposed ban. Who gets to decide what groups are to be banned as “leftists”? The government? Any government will eventually abuse such power, banning even its legitimate critics.

  • Questor3000

    I’m a Jewish republican and am tired of groups like SPLC calling me a racist. I’m the least racist and dedicated my time to working the inner city as a paramedic and volunteer eMT instructor teaching people actual job skills breaking the cycle of criminal justice involvement and the government dependency trap. I was an
    Active member of the Jewish defense league and am sick of his virtue signaling crap and the crap that universities are putting out.

  • The SPLC IS a hate group!!

  • me

    Ever wonder why religion is bullshit? Look at it’s followers. The idea any news outlet is not biased is just juvenile and narrow-mined.

  • Happybidr

    I just spent some time reviewing all 50 pages of the SPLC’S 2016 Form 990. I’ve got about 20 years’ experience filling those forms out so I know how to read them. What surprised me the most is how little this group actually does. They are in an enviable position sitting on top of a huge endowment of unrestricted funds, and yet their brag sections on Program Activities had almost nothing to say. They seem to focus a lot on stuff local to them (AL and FL mostly) and printing and mailing out a lot of materials to “educate” teachers and students about their definitions of hate. They’ve done a bit here and there in the courts, but like the Wendy’s commercials of old used to say, Where’s the Beef? If I was a donor of theirs, I’d be pretty ticked off. They come out with their little annual who’s who in the hate world, as they define it, which their media buddies in the far left (Huffington Post, Slate, NY Times, etc.) dutifully print and recall throughout the year. Granted, no group lists everything they’re doing in those forms. But still, their website doesn’t speak well for them either. There are many groups on the right that do a great deal more and better than they do with much less. So there is a god.