How Much Will You Save by Not Going to an NFL Game This Weekend?

As more and more fans decide they’ve had enough of the NFL’s decision to institutionalize a false narrative, many are going to find a lot more disposable income in their wallets.

For every millionaire player that has engaged in the national anthem kneeling controversy or used the anthem as a platform to make a political statement, the dollars that pay their salaries came from the fans first. And fandom does not come cheap.

A study published by the USA Today Network found following an NFL team in 2017 could cost a fan as much as $6,774 over the course of the season. That is over 10% of the median household income in the United States. (Keep in mind the median income for an NFL player is $770,000, a 10:1 ratio over the average household.)

Just attending one NFL game is an expensive endeavor. Here are the basic costs of a Sunday afternoon at an NFL stadium for a family of four:

Tickets: $688 ($172/each)

Soft drink: $19.44 ($4.86/each)

Hot Dog: $20.00 ($5.00/each)

Parking: $30

Just making it to the game and purchasing a minimum amount of refreshments will end up costing a family $757.44. Add in the cost of gas for the trip and a few more items from the concession stand and the total approaches $1,000.

Players like Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker (salary $6.7 million) who said fans should just stay home if they don’t like the anthem protests might want to rethink where their paycheck comes from. Polling has shown the protests are very unpopular, and declining viewership has already been taking a toll on television service providers.

With your Sunday afternoon free, are you going to tell the NFL why your dollars are staying in your pocket this weekend? Use these links to send a direct message to the league’s offices and tell them how you’ve made the decision to spend your dollars and time on other entertainment options:

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