Did the National Anthem Protesters Shakedown the NFL? You Be the Judge

The National Football League has earmarked nearly $100 million to “social justice” causes in what appears to be a massive concession to the National Anthem protestors.

The protests, which began in 2016, have taken a toll on the NFL’s television ratings as fans have expressed their disgust by simply tuning out. A boycott movement to #StandwithVets and avoid watching NFL games over the Veterans Day weekend resulted in some of the worst ratings the league has earned since 2003.

According to ESPN, the concession “earmarks at least $89 million over a seven-year period for both national and local projects, according to the documents” with the leagues owners contributing up to $12 million a year through 2023. The funds would then be allocated to United Negro College Fund (25%), Dream Corps (25%), and the Players Coalition (50%), which has filed for 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 non-profit status.

The Dream Corps is co-founded and run by the once-avowed communist and CNN commentator Van Jones.

Breitbart News points out the dollars allocated to the Players Coalition are especially concerning given the NFL Players Association’s record of spending in the past. For example, 2ndVote’s research uncovered documentation of the NFLPA’s direct contributions to the George Soros-funded Center for Community Change and to an AFL-CIO affiliate that engaged in anti-Trump protests.

Furthermore, 501(c)4 status will enable to the Players Coalition to use the allocated funds to influence elections and lobby for or against legislation. With the NFLPA’s history of aligning with liberal, Soros-funded organizations, we can only assume the Players Coalition’s 501(c)4 activities will have a leftist bent.

Since NFL owners will now be footing the bill for the players’ left-wing activism, it seems the NFLPA should no longer need funding from corporate sponsors. Certainly, the fans who decided to #StandwithVets over Veterans Day weekend would rather not have their entertainment dollars funneled through the owners into these activities. It stands to reason these same fans would rather not have their shopping dollars support the same thing.

Here are the corporate sponsors of the NFLPA. Follow the links to tell these companies the NFLPA no longer needs their donations.

Barclaycard US
Campbell’s Soup Company
Castrol (BP)
Courtyard Marriott
Dairy Management, Inc.
Extreme Networks
Hyundai Motor America
Mars Snackfood
News America (News Corp/Fox Entertainment Group)
Papa John’s
Procter & Gamble
Quaker Oats

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  • James360


    • Paul Raymond

      Antheuser Busch is pro-open borders and pro-liberal. Surprised you’re not already boycotting them even before this NFL stuff.

      • James360


        • Gnowark

          James360: Funny you put it that way, I got the same impression- they only SEEM to be concerned, not enough to change what toxic issues they sponsor, only to make us THINK they are concerned and ‘looking into it’ while their toxic issue sponsorship continues.

          • James360

            Exactly. But we speak our heart anyway! We let them know our viewpoint. If they don’t choose to change.. it’s back on them.

  • PatriotGal

    The NFL did shake down the owners, thus anyone dumb enough to support the NFL teams in any way by buying tickets, watching on TV, buying team products or anything any of the NFL thugs endorse is paying for it. Don’t be suckers! STAND UP FOR AMERICA and let the NFL, their thugs, and their sponsors go down the sewer from the gutter they’re in!!!

    • Sunflower

      Definitely wealth redistribution in a Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton type of move.

    • Jarhead

      Continue the BOYCOTT of the NFL and any/all supporters/advertisers/suppliers…….if you are one of the millions of REAL American’s happy that your not an oppressed and stupid millionaire thug/anti-American NFL player.
      NFL is still trying to kill that goose that laid all those golden eggs.
      Let all TRUE American’s continue to salute our FLAG, give thanks to our TROOPS, say MERRY CHRISTMAS and BOYCOTT THE NFL.

  • Hstry101

    Whoever 2nd Vote is, Hasn’t a clue whats going on and certainly hasn’t served their country in any capacity. The article is pure BS.

    • Poidog

      and your justification for your comments? What EXACTLY is not true?

    • M Burke

      If you have to ask who 2nd Vote is, then maybe you might refrain from suggesting anything about them, good or bad, at all… until, that is, you learn who 2nd Vote is and what they do. These are very good questions posed which are unfortunately not done enough in the white noise of public discourse that masquerades as ‘debate’ these days… what is your justification in thought and facts and what is not true specifically, enumerated and annotated? Take your time… no knee jerk response.

      My first question might be, “Why is it assumed that an organization headed by a known Communist can’t do anything good for its community?”, if that, in fact, is the inference to Van Jones. Using History 101 perspectives, we might marshal all that Van Jones has said and done over time in his education, public ministrations, personal and professional transformation to develop a profile.

      If you are a rabid SJW, then the notion of being a Communist, or anything that would advance your cause(s), might not be a negative and your answers from your research will trend in his direction favorably. If you are an American first (that is, a supporter of free enterprise, private property, Christian virtues, and the rule of law), then a SJW, the idea of Communism as an answer to all social ills based on its miserable failure in almost all respects short of literacy and health care (but who cares if you are educated and kept well if your liberty and freedoms are submerged to the state) over the past century might be anathema. We each wear differently tinted rose-colored glasses, but we can change the tint with a bit of perspective from research, civil opinion, and time-trusted discernment.

    • Robert E. Lee

      I am a member of 2nd Vote. 3 years U S Army,2 tours Viet Nam,1966-67, helicopter door gunner. Now, answer Poidog’s questions.

  • M Burke

    Typical Alinsky-inspired community organizer tactic writ large and used famously by the past president who shall go un-named when in Chicago. Saul is probably dancing in his million dollar grave at the thought of such a victory… if it goes through. May mean a sequel to his book. Did I see anywhere that all those who took a knee even once discussed going out in sustained combat into the frontlines of their besieged communities to help do battle, each personally and without any photo ops, honestly and authentically, in bringing dignity, education, temperance, understanding, compassion, and all other great virtues to that marginalized citizenry? Or do they just stand up with a satisfied, smug, Cheshire Cat who ate the canary smile on their face, and go back into the breech. And, if the police were the major part of the problem being protested, why didn’t the owners throw a little their way as well?

  • Patrice Hite

    NFLhelping a Soros agency? I Just threw my NFL tickets away.Adios NFL

    • Jarhead

      I burned a couple of printed T-shirts & a cap with NFL Logos. Semper Fi !!
      Keep up the BOYCOTT of everything/everyone dealing with the NFL. Gung Ho !!

  • libsrtheh8ters

    These tactics made Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton multimillionaires. This is how the left operates, if a corporation does not give them their hush money then they take their Soros funded little armies & destroy them. Of course these tactics would not work if leftist globalist communists did not own the media but they do & so it does.

    • Jarhead

      SPOT ON Libsrtheh8ters.

    • leialives

      Thankfully our side is waking up in a way I have been praying for, for a while now.

      I truly think our boycotts are having an impact, we just need the corps of true patriots who are persistent and loyal to continue on!

      Keep up the good fight, #WAR, for this is a civil war for the soul of our country!

  • Carlos

    In five years football will become a game with little or no contact, it will be a sissies game. The leftists really want soccer
    Anyway, be more like europeons. I’m glad Tom Brady will go out with all the records because the game is over, turn out
    The lights .

  • James Bryson

    Oh, good call!

    Just what the NFL business model needed… more blending of the NFL “brand” and the rough-hewn, ideological disorientation of their millionaire contract-employees.

    Enjoy the ride, downhill.

  • James Bryson

    Perhaps Goodell could offer Soros a franchise.

    • leialives

      Why would Soros put any money out?

      He just got a big fat check from all of the other owners, via extortion of the thug/players, over whom he has complete mind control!

  • Rob S

    I literally just threw up a little. I boycotted the NFL over 15 years ago. Now, every company on that list will not get a cent from me. The NFL is essentially an arm of George Soros. Funding thugs and thug activity against the US

  • Jarhead

    Keep up the GOOD WORK…….continue the BOYCOTT of everything/everyone connected to the NFL.
    Join the millions of true American’s who are happy they are not oppressed millionaire NFL thugs/players/suppliers.
    GUNG HO !!