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It’s National School Choice Week! Where Do You Stand?

National School Choice Week is underway with celebrations taking place across the country in an effort to spread the word about the importance of educational opportunity. Education has always been one of the most empowering tools available to mankind. School choice gives parents the empowerment to choose the type of education that is appropriate for their children based on individual needs, rather than a government mandate that tells each child where to learn based on zip code, parental income, etc.

Andrew Campanella, president of National School Choice Week, made the following statement in regards to his organization’s biggest week:

“[It] provides a unique opportunity for Americans to join together on an issue that impacts all of us: educational opportunity. With growth each year, it’s clear that tens of millions of Americans are excited to celebrate the great education options in their communities and stand up for increased choice and access where it doesn’t yet exist.”

It is important to keep in mind that corporations often stand behind certain educational policies, such as school choice and Common Core. Check out our company scores database to learn more, and remember that you can and do vote with your dollar everyday when you shop.

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    School choice is good as long as the vouchers are on par with the tax base that you are originating from.

  • Kilroy Was Here

    School Choice will never be a reality as long as one Government SKOOL exists. (Emphasis mine) The Department of “Education” must be disbanded and so called “Public Schools” must be closed and replaced with completely independent private schools that must compete for student’s tuitions.

    You should see an immediate drop in education prices as only good teachers, who are truly appreciated, teach children enthusiastic to learn. The wasteful money spent on “Counselors” and teachers on “leave” will be eliminated. Text books can be replaced in part by well educated teachers who bring a sense of enthusiasm to classrooms while teaching critical thinking to a new generation of students who will be able to discern for themselves when they hear the truth, or someone is lying to them. They will also know the fundamentals and not have to rely on a cash register or computer sales terminal to make change.

    Students will have the choice to work on the farm with their parents, or compete for college degrees in a challenging environment. Education is not dependent on a piece of paper, but I’d rather have a doctor who can add up the right prescription amount with a little thought than a glorified medic who needs to consult a government website, or calculation program. At least I’d rather have a doctor who knows when to rely on better information.

    • Another benefit: there will be scads of browns and blacks who can’t read that we can use to pick cotton (when we bring those jobs home). A permanent illiterate underclass benefits us all!