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NC Gov Reopens Transgender Bathroom Issue, LGBT Groups Don’t Think It Goes Far Enough

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has reopened the “transgender bathroom” debate despite previous promises to move past the issue.

In March, Cooper signed HB 142, a “compromise” legislation to repeal 2016’s HB 2 that had been enacted in response to safety concerns surrounding the City of Charlotte’s sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) accommodation mandate. The Charlotte measure allowed anyone to use a bathroom or changing room based on how they feel, not biological sex, and put the general public and business owners at risk. HB 142 essentially returned state law to pre-Charlotte SOGI mandate status.

However, Cooper’s administration has constructed a deal to settle a lawsuit against the state over the bathroom issue and issued an executive order that will allow anyone to use the bathrooms of their choice without regard to biological sex in public buildings and properties under the purview of the state’s executive branch. This would include facilities in all state-owned rest areas, parks, museums, and more.

Legislative leaders have blasted Cooper’s order saying, “Roy Cooper made a deal with the business community and the legislature to repeal HB2 and put divisive social issues that North Carolinians are sick of hearing about behind us, and his attempt to resurrect these issues shows he acted in bad faith and lied about wanting to end the focus on HB2.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Forest released as state underscoring the safety concerns that will arise once again in North Carolina.

While I take at face value the Governor’s intent to help transgender people use the bathroom of their identity, his order creates a legal loophole that will be exploited by non-transgender pedophiles, stalkers and perverts. All bathrooms at state rest areas, parks and museums will now be fertile ground for sexual deviants who will falsely claim to be transgender to gain protected access to our women and children.

Not surprisingly, Cooper’s latest “stunt” doesn’t go far enough for the radical LGBT lobby that initiated North Carolina’s bathroom controversy in the first place. Activists at the Human Rights Campaign and EqualityNC, the leftists who organized business coalition to bully North Carolina over HB 2’s common-sense protections, released a series of statement’s calling for statewide SOGI accommodation mandates.

It is important to remember the SOGI laws promoted by groups like EqualityNC have been used to persecute cake bakers and florists who decline to participate in same-sex weddings in states like Oregon, Washington, and Colorado because of their religious belief. In other words, SOGI accommodations do more than just raise serious safety concerns, they undermine 1st Amendment protections for business owners as well.

Unfortunately, companies like Target and the corporate leaders behind EqualityNC are helping advance the left’s gender agenda using the dollars we spend when we shop. Here is a complete list of the companies that have stood behind EqualityNC’s efforts to undermine safety and religious liberty:

American Airlines
American Society of Association Executives
Bank of America
Braeburn Pharmaceuticals
Brocade Communications Systems Inc.
Cisco Systems
Computer & Communications Industry Assoc.
Consumer Technology Assoc.
Emerson Collective
Google Ventures
IBM Corporation
Levi Strauss & Co.
Lyra Health
Marine Layer
Marriott International
Matrix Partners
Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Nomad Health &
Pfizer Inc.
Power Curbers Inc.
Quotient Technology Inc.
Replacements, Ltd.
Seventh Generation
Software & Information Industry Assoc.
Spark Capital
SV Angel
Symantec Corporation
The Pramana Collective
The Redwood Groups
The Weinstein Company
Thrive Capital
Workplace Options
Y Combinator

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  • Paul Raymond

    Someone needs to stand up to these corporate bullies!

    • PatriotGal

      Paul, if we stop shopping in them, as we have Target, eventually, their bottom lines will suffer.

  • Spectrum
    • RealAmerican407

      I thought you were being serious and I was going to post that same link, ha! Yeh Targets across the nation have had numerous instances of pervs grabbing women or just spying on them but it gets little traction in the MSM.

      • jim_robert

        I will NEVER set foot in a Target again.

    • canda

      It already has happened numnuts.

      • Spectrum

        You don’t understand sarcasm, do you, numnuts ? An apology would be appreciated.

    • We The People

      Don’t get out much, do you?

  • Joe Palmer

    North Carolina used to be a state of good morals and common sense laws. Laws are passed in favor of the common good and majority rules, so why cater to a very small number of the population? Just label bathrooms as UNISEX with door locks when one stall, but where multi-stalls they use the bathroom suited to their natural plumbing regardless of outward appearance. The problem here is not bigotry but of safety, because without a doubt mentally disturbed men will skirt around the law to prey on our little girls and women.

    • RealAmerican407

      Unisex bathrooms are a perfect compromise but these radical activist groups are not interested in compromise.

      They desire an unconditional surrender in order to achieve a psychological win. Then they will move onto the next outrage movement.

      • PatriotGal

        Your suggestion is great and I agree. I have no problem with a ONE STALL unisex bathroom, dressing room. But I refuse to support any business that has multi-stall bathrooms/dressing rooms where “anything” can use one next to me. I refuse to expose myself to any danger that I can prevent. So, NC stores when we travel through, you’ll not have our business. In my own state, we have totally boycotted Target because of their open bathroom/dressing room policy.

    • jim_robert

      Trans-sexual man rapes 10 year old girl in Wyoming in… uh… a BATHROOM. Don’t expect the fascist left lamestream media to report THIS one any time soon:

      • donawyo

        I don’t really think we can use this story as case evidence. I’m from Wyoming and I read it and way further down in the article, it says that he was a family friend. Very different connotation. Didn’t say where the bathroom was, if I remember right. Could have been in the home. 🙁

  • RealAmerican407

    When have these radical liberal activist groups ever thought it was enough? They have to be outraged 24×7.

    Once again we see another state legislature caving into the demands of social justice few.

  • betz

    These are corporate bullies. They are perverts that have gotten control of many businesses. Think of helliary and billy and all their associates that have supported them. Unfortunately the stock holders have not held the boards and so called executives accountable for the loss of business. It is time for the stock holders to sue the boards for their lack of judiciary responsibilities.

  • truthseeker43

    Is there a listing of alternative businesses to use?

    • Spectrum

      Yes, check this 2ndvote website.

  • We The People

    Roy Cooper is an idiot. Somehow he made it to Gov. even with the conservative landslide. Eastern NC is a cesspool of liberals. He’ll be gone next time around.

  • jim_robert

    I really did send this to the public relations person at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Had great fun writing this!

    Ms. Rodgers,

    I plan to visit Shedd Aquarium in the near future, and have a question for you. With the increasing recognition of the rights of the LGBTQ community today – such as the recent move by Target stores to allow biological men (who have only XY chromosomes) identifying as women into women’s washrooms – and with which I am sure you fully agree – I would like to know if you will allow me, in the interest of intellectual and moral consistency, to similarly use the dolphin pool as a “washroom,” should the need arise during my visit, just like the other dolphins at Shedd do. You see, Ms. Rodgers, I have always identified as a dolphin – I love swimming, taking baths, and really enjoyed watching Flipper as a child. I knew very early that I was a dolphin, despite the oppressive human-centric bias against us who identify as dolphins, and despite my having two legs and opposing thumbs (which I hope to remedy through publicly funded surgery).

    I do hope you will provide the same respect to us dolphins who just happen to have different chromosomes from what we identify as, in addition to a human-like body, and that Shedd will quickly approve of us in the LGBTQ-D community. (Yes, the “D” stand for “dolphin,” and while you may consider this absurd today, ten years from now I am sure you will look back and understand that I was just ahead of the times a bit.) You may also wish to consider providing litterboxes for people who identify as cats – see this woman here:, or hay in your cafeteria for this former person who now identifies as a horse

    Copying a few others here who also identify as dolphins. Perhaps we’ll all visit as a group!

    Finally, Ms. Rogers, could you please provide the rationale behind your denial, should you answer in the negative re. my using the dolphin pool? I am very curious to understand why biology is determinative in some cases – e.g., your Shedd Aquarium restricting us human-appearing dolphins (who self-identify as dolphins) using the pool as a washroom like the other dolphins – but not determinative in all cases, such as in the Target bathroom situation, where people who have only XY chromosomes are now allowed to use women’s washrooms.

    Eeee-yeee-eeee (that’s dolphin for “thank you,” which I’m sure you know.

    Flipper Jim

    • iprazhm

      This is the open kind of society endorsed by the LGBT community which continually expands it’s perverse repertoire of sexual insanity.
      Any legislator or judge that imposes the heinous demands of the homosexual lobby, is unfit to walk your dog, let alone preside over human beings.

    • Spectrum

      Flipper Jim – if they refuse to allow your ( very reasonable ) request for a dolphin pool for yourself, then you should sue them for every penny they have. Bigotry should not be tolerated in this Age Of Enlightenment. It is 2017 after all !

  • iprazhm

    These ghouls will stop at nothing to sexualize society, but especially the children, programming them to not only accept every vile debauchery imaginable to corrupt man, but to desire it.
    This is the legacy of filth and degradation Obama left to America. But he is out of power. Why is this grotesque abuse to humanity still allowed to have breath?
    Before Obama’s reign, men entering the women’s restroom was illegal in all fifty states. We must return to common sense law, or we will continue to fail as a society.

  • Jim Wiseman

    Please don’t boycott NC because of the antics of Governor Goober. Thank you.