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NCAA, ACC Take Away Championship Games From NC

Update: The Atlantic Coast Conference also announced that it would follow the NCAA’s lead to punish North Carolina over HB2 and move championship games, including this December’s football championship game.

The NCAA is the latest to join the ‘misinformation campaign’ against North Carolina’s HB2, also known as the bathroom protection bill, by pulling seven championship games from the state of North Carolina due to Governor McCrory standing firm for common sense protections amidst pressure from the LGBT and business community at large.

This is not the first time the NCAA has entered itself into the arena of politics and culture. If you remember, the NCAA came out against Indiana’s version of a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that Governor Pence signed into law in Indiana in March 2015. Indianapolis just so happens to serve as the headquarters for the NCAA. It is also not the first time a major sports organization has pulled games and events from North Carolina due to HB2. The NBA announced in July it would be moving to the 2017 All-Star game elsewhere to protest the bathroom law.

North Carolina’s GOP spokeswoman, Kami Mueller, made the following statement in regards to the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s arrangement:

“The NCAA would bode well to stop their political peacocking and care more about the safety and privacy of athletes across the nation, far more than their profit line.”

She went on to say that the decision is purely “absurd.”

Remember that corporations are helping fund the battle to take away our common sense protections. We’ve called out the companies like Paypal that have helped spread misinformation on North Carolina’s HB2 because they are promoting an agenda that undermines protections for freedom of conscience. Check out how companies are standing on all the issues here. We must unite together in order to win.

  • libsrtheh8ters

    These laws exist in several states & up until Obama & Hillary decided to make this a campaign issue most states & businesses did not allow men to use women’s/girls locker rooms, dressing rooms & bathrooms. This is leftist corporate FASCISM, NC is a HUGE swing state & the leftist scum of the earth want to rile up the brain dead sheeple there by punishing their economy & labeling them bigots so they will turn on their Republican lawmakers & turn the state blue.

    • Spectrum

      Yes, and it gets more complicated when you consider there are new gender variations being invented every week – it’s up to 112 and counting now. Worse than that, is that kids are being indoctrinated into learning all this craziness. In Australia, where I live, it is part of the curriculum of the so-called “Safe Schools” program.

      This is an ongoing list of gender identities. Feel free to mix and match your own prefixes and suffixes to create the identity that best describes you.

      Any gender named _gender may be made into _boy, _girl, _nonbinary, etc. (example: demigender, demiboy, demigirl, deminonbinary)

      1. Abimegender: a gender that is profound, deep,
      and infinite; meant to resemble when one mirror is reflecting into
      another mirror creating an infinite paradox

      2. Adamasgender: a gender which refuses to be categorized

      3. Aerogender: a gender that is influenced by your surroundings

      4. Aesthetigender: a gender that is derived from an aesthetic; also known as videgender

      5. Affectugender: a gender that is affected by mood swings

      6. Agender: the feeling of no gender/absence of gender or neutral gender

      7. Agenderflux: being mostly agender except having small shifts towards other genders making them demigenders (because of the constancy of being agender)

      8. Alexigender: a gender that is fluid between more than one gender but the individual cannot tell what those genders are

      9. Aliusgender: a gender which is removed from common gender descriptors and guidelines

      10. Amaregender: a gender that changes depending on who you’re in love with

      11. Ambigender: defined as having the feeling of
      two genders simultaneously without fluctuation; meant to reflect the
      concept of being ambidextrous, only with gender

      12. Ambonec: identifying as both man and woman, yet neither at the same time

      13. Amicagender: a gender that changes depending on which friend you’re with

      14. Androgyne: sometimes used in the case of
      “androgynous presentation”; describes the feeling of being a mix of both
      masculine and feminine (and sometimes neutral) gender qualities

      15. Anesigender: feeling like a certain gender yet being more comfortable identifying with another

      16. Angenital: a desire to be without primary
      sexual characteristics, without necessarily being genderless; one may be
      both angenital and identify as any other gender alongside

      17. Anogender: a gender that fades in and out but always comes back to the same feeling

      18. Anongender: a gender that is unknown to both yourself and others

      19. Antegender: a protean gender which has the
      potential to be anything, but is formless and motionless, and therefore,
      does not manifest as any particular gender

      20. Anxiegender: a gender that is affected by anxiety

      21. Apagender: a feeling of apathy towards ones gender which leads to them not looking any further into it

      22. Apconsugender: a gender where you know what it isn’t, but not what it is; the gender is hiding itself from you

      23. Astergender: a gender that feels bright and celestial

      24. Astralgender: a gender that feels connected to space

      25. (POSSIBLE TRIGGER WARNING) Autigender: a gender that can only be understood in the context of being autistic

      26. Autogender: a gender experience that is deeply personal to oneself

      27. Axigender: when a person experiences two genders that sit on opposite ends of an axis; one
      being agender and the other being any other gender; these genders are
      experienced one at a time with no overlapping and with very short
      transition time.

      28. Bigender: the feeling of having two genders
      either at the same time or separately; usually used to describe feeling
      “traditionally male” and “traditionally female”, but does not have to

      29. Biogender: a gender that feels connected to nature in some way

      30. Blurgender: the feeling of having more than
      one gender that are somehow blurred together to the point of not being
      able to distinguish or identify individual genders; synonymous with genderfuzz

      31. Boyflux: when one feels mostly or all male most of the time but experience fluctuating intensity of male identity

      32. Burstgender: and gender that comes in intense bursts of feeling and quickly fades back to the original state

      33. Caelgender: a gender which shares qualities with outer space or has the aesthetic of space, stars, nebulas, etc.

      34. Cassgender: the feeling of gender is unimportant to you

      35. Cassflux: when the level of indifference towards your gender fluctuates

      36. Cavusgender: for people with depression; when you feel one gender when not depressed and another when depressed

      37. Cendgender: when your gender changes between one and its opposite

      38. Ceterofluid: when you are ceterogender and your feelings fluctuate between masculine, feminine, and neutral

      39. Ceterogender: a nonbinary gender with specific masculine, feminine, or neutral feelings

      40. Cisgender: the feeling of being the gender you were assigned at birth, all the time (assigned (fe)male/feeling (fe)male)

      41. Cloudgender: a gender that cannot be fully realized or seen clearly due to depersonalization/derealization disorder

      42. Collgender: the feeling of having too many genders simultaneously to describe each one

      43. Colorgender: a gender associated with one or
      more colors and the feelings, hues, emotions, and/or objects associated
      with that color; may be used like pinkgender, bluegender, yellowgender

      44. Commogender: when you know you aren’t cisgender, but you settled with your assigned gender for the time being

      45. Condigender: a gender that is only felt during certain circumstances

      46. Deliciagender: from the Latin word delicia meaning “favorite”, meaning the feeling of having more than one simultaneous gender yet preferring one that fits better

      47. Demifluid: the feeling your gender being
      fluid throughout all the demigenders; the feeling of having multiple
      genders, some static and some fluid

      48. Demiflux: the feeling of having multiple genders, some static and some fluctuating

      49. Demigender: a gender that is partially one gender and partially another

      50. Domgender: having more than one gender yet one being more dominant than the others

      51. Duragender: from the Latin word dura meaning “long-lasting”, meaning a subcategory of multigender in which one gender is more identifiable, long lasting, and prominent than the other genders

      52. Egogender: a gender that is so personal to your experience that it can only be described as “you”

      53. Epicene: sometimes used synonymously with
      the adjective “androgynous”; the feeling either having or not displaying
      characteristics of both or either binary gender; sometimes used to
      describe feminine male identifying individuals

      54. Espigender: a gender that is related to being a spirit or exists on a higher or extradimensional plane

      55. Exgender: the outright refusal to accept or identify in, on, or around the gender spectrum

      56. Existigender: a gender that only exists or feels present when thought about or when a conscious effort is made to notice it

      57. Femfluid: having fluctuating or fluid gender feelings that are limited to feminine genders

      58. Femgender: a nonbinary gender which is feminine in nature

      59. Fluidflux: the feeling of being fluid between two or more genders that also fluctuate in intensity; a combination of genderfluid and genderflux

      60. Gemigender: having two opposite genders that work together, being fluid and flux together

      61. Genderblank: a gender that can only be
      described as a blank space; when gender is called into question, all
      that comes to mind is a blank space

      62. Genderflow: a gender that is fluid between infinite feelings

      63. Genderfluid: the feeling of fluidity within
      your gender identity; feeling a different gender as time passes or as
      situations change; not restricted to any number of genders

      64. Genderflux: the feeling of your gender fluctuating in intensity; like genderfluid but between one gender and agender

      65. Genderfuzz: coined by lolzmelmel; the
      feeling of having more than one gender that are somehow blurred together
      to the point of not being able to distinguish or identify individual
      genders; synonymous with blurgender

      66. Gender Neutral: the feeling of having a neutral
      gender, whether somewhere in between masculine and feminine or a third
      gender that is separate from the binary; often paired with neutrois

      67. Genderpunk: a gender identity that actively resists gender norms

      68. Genderqueer: originally used as an umbrella
      term for nonbinary individuals; may be used as an identity; describes a
      nonbinary gender regardless of whether the individual is masculine or
      feminine leaning

      69. Genderwitched: a gender in which one is
      intrigued or entranced by the idea of a particular gender, but is not
      certain that they are actually feeling it

      70. Girlflux: when one feels mostly or all female most of the time but experiences fluctuating intensities of female identity

      71. Glassgender: a gender that is very sensitive and fragile

      72. Glimragender: a faintly shining, wavering gender

      73. Greygender: having a gender that is mostly outside of the binary but is weak and can barely be felt

      74. Gyragender: having multiple genders but understanding none of them

      75. Healgender: a gender that once realized, brings lots of peace, clarity, security, and creativity to the individual’s mind

      76. Heliogender: a gender that is warm and burning

      77. Hemigender: a gender that is half one gender and half something else; one or both halves may be identifiable genders

      78. Horogender: a gender that changes over time with the core feeling remaining the same

      79. Hydrogender: a gender which shares qualities with water

      80. Imperigender: a fluid gender that can be controlled by the individual

      81. Intergender: the feeling of gender falling somewhere on the spectrum between masculine and feminine; note: do not confuse with intersex

      82. Juxera: a feminine gender similar to girl, but on a separate plane and off to itself

      83. Libragender: a gender that feels agender but has a strong connection to another gender

      84. Magigender: a gender that is mostly gender and the rest is something else

      85. Mascfluid: A gender that is fluid in nature, and restricted only to masculine genders

      86. Mascgender: a non-binary gender which is masculine in nature.

      87. Maverique: taken from the word maverick; the
      feeling of having a gender that is separate from masculinity,
      femininity, and neutrality, but is not agender; a form of third gender

      88. Mirrorgender: a gender that changes to fit the people around you

      89. Molligender: a gender that is soft, subtle, and subdued

      90. Multigender: the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigenderand omnigender

      91. Nanogender: feeling a small part of one gender with the rest being something else

      92. Neutrois: the feeling of having a neutral gender; sometimes a lack of gender that leads to feeling neutral

      93. Nonbinary: originally an umbrella term for
      any gender outside the binary of cisgenders; may be used as an
      individual identity; occasionally used alongside of genderqueer

      94. Omnigender: the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigenderand polygender

      95. Oneirogender: coined by anonymous, “being
      agender, but having recurring fantasies or daydreams of being a certain
      gender without the dysphoria or desire to actually be that gender

      96. Pangender: the feeling of having every
      gender; this is considered problematic by some communities and thus has
      been used as the concept of relating in some way to all genders as
      opposed to containing every gender identity; only applies to genders
      within one’s own culture

      97. Paragender: the feeling very near one gender and partially something else which keeps you from feeling fully that gender

      98. Perigender: identifying with a gender but not as a gender

      99. Polygender: the feeling of having more than one simultaneous or fluctuating gender; simultaneous with multigenderand omnigender

      100. Proxvir: a masculine gender similar to boy, but on a separate plane and off to itself

      101. Quoigender: feeling as if the concept of gender is inapplicable or nonsensical to one’s self

      102. Subgender: mostly agender with a bit of another gender

      103. Surgender: having a gender that is 100% one gender but with more of another gender added on top of that

      104. Systemgender: a gender that is the sum of all the genders within a multiple or median system

      105. Tragender: a gender that stretches over the whole spectrum of genders

      106. Transgender: any gender identity that
      transcends or does not align with your assigned gender or society’s idea
      of gender; the feeling of being any gender that does not match your
      assigned gender

      107. Trigender: the feeling of having three simultaneous or fluctuating genders

      108. Vapogender: a gender that sort of feels like
      smoke; can be seen on a shallow level but once you go deeper, it
      disappears and you are left with no gender and only tiny wisps of what
      you thought it was

      109. Venngender: when two genders overlap creating an entirely new gender; like a venn diagram

      110. Verangender: a gender that seems to shift/change the moment it is identified

      111. Vibragender: a gender that is usually one stable gender but will occasionally changes or fluctuate before stabilizing again.

      112. Vocigender: a gender that is weak or hollow

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