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New Study Suggests Fetuses Can Recognize Faces From The Womb

We already know that babies can feel pain at least 20 weeks into their development, proving late-term abortion to be exceedingly inhumane. A new scientific study could go onto prove the idea that babies can in fact recognize the appearance of a face from inside the womb.

According to an article on Big Think, an online educational forum, babies are naturally drawn to face-like shapes and patterns, so when scientists became curious as to whether or not the same would be true of fetuses, they decided to test the theory. In the experiment, face-like patterns were projected through the mother’s stomach and onto the uterus where scientists then tested to see how the fetuses would respond.

Not surprisingly (as we know that a fetus is a developing person, not just some organism), the fetuses responded to the “faces.” Interestingly enough, when the pattern was flipped to resemble something other than a face, the baby would become uninterested, suggesting he or she already seeks human connection even from the developing womb.

What if abortion clinics were forced to post these scientific findings on the walls of their clinics? Would it change the way women view abortion and ultimately the life that is inside them? Abortion facilities, like Planned Parenthood, make it their objective to dehumanize the baby and make it all about the mother and the life that she has ahead of her. They constantly remind young women of the burden of motherhood rather than the joy it will bring.

Keep in mind that major corporations like Starbucks and Patagonia still choose to fund Planned Parenthood despite its sketchy record. Check out our resource page here to see all the companies who fund our nation’s largest abortion provider either directly or through third party groups. You may also want to reach out to Patagonia using the buttons below to tell the company “Stop funding Planned Parenthood’s abortion business!”

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    None of this should come as any surprise to any one who’s payed attention to the recent strides in embryological research of the last 20 years. An unborn child will feel pain at earlier than 20 weeks. Children as early as 18 weeks are operated on in utero to correct heart valve problems or spina bifida, and in such operations the baby (like the mother) is under full anesthesia. (An abortion at this stage never anesthesthetizes the child.) Moreover, a child in the womb hears sounds like his mother’s voice or TV jingles she listens to while pregnant and the child will respond to those memories after birth. It’s likely that the in utero child is already in the early stages of language acquisition. Before the third trimester the baby has begun to breathe the fluid it’s in; it’s lungs are then fully functional, so it can breathe and cry: all it needs is air. The more we learn, the more the unborn look like very young human beings, and very young persons as well. That’s what they are.