Male Cheerleaders: The NFL Whiffs Again At Earning Back Fans

The National Football League lost millions of viewers last year. Its response to national anthem protests has earned ire from the left and right alike — and, given that NFL fans are found across the political spectrum, is an invitation to disaster.

One might think the NFL would get back to earning fans’ support by playing football. You know, the reason people turn on the TV each Sunday.

You would be wrong. Instead, two teams are allowing male cheerleaders for the first time:

History will be created in the NFL this season, with male cheerleaders on the sidelines for the first time.

While there has never been a rule against male dancers, no teams have ever employed any on their squad.

But the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints have both named men in their squads for the 2018 season.

This may not be intended as a distraction from the disaster that has been the league’s response to political agitation and racial divisiveness on the field. We do think this is tone-deaf, akin to San Francisco putting cafeteria bans ahead of its drug and street feces problems. Males making up most of the NFL’s fan base, and teams making politically correct decisions like hiring two gay men as cheerleaders is unlikely to draw fans back.

Like all sports fans, we’d love to turn on the TV and kick back for some great 11-on-11, American-made competition. But as long as the NFL continues to put political correctness ahead of playing football, we’ll be joining millions of other patriotic Americans in doing anything else when the games are on.

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  • Paul Auger

    Your lack of intelligence is astounding! First of all, male cheerleaders are not uncommon. Many colleges have male cheerleaders, oh yeah, your audience probably does not know anything about college. Colleges employ male cheerleaders due to the fact that some of the more modern stunts require more upper body strength therefore, they require males. Also the fact that you point out that the majority of the fans are male gives us some interesting insights into how you see cheerleaders male and female alike. You obviously see them as sexual objects there for your sexual entertainment rather than professional dancers who are there to support the team. Finally, you make an assumption without providing supporting evidence, you assume that male cheerleaders are gay. What evidence do you have that the specific individuals that we are talking about are gay? Furthermore, how does being gay impact their ability to do their job? As always Second Vote demonstrates its lack of integrity and intelligence. But that is why I subscribe you always give me a good laugh!

    • Thomas Drapela

      Paul Auger ; Please explain to me how any Cheerleaders improve the enjoyment of a Football Game? I doubt if more than 3% of the fans even watch the Cheerleaders and their stunts.

      • Paul Auger

        If no more than 3% of the fans even watch the Cheerleaders and their stunts. why would you care who does the stunts?

  • Win Woon Soon

    America is the only place in the world where guys can make millions of dollars playing a game while hating that country and claiming to be oppressed. I could care less about stupid male cheerleaders. I no longer watch The NFL because I don’t want to support these cry babies or their moron commissioner.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Saints…. Ohhhh New Orleans — most liberal city in my red state of Louisiana, and probably one of the most liberal cities in the U.S. My family and I visit your museums, your zoo, and your city park (the family-friendly places), but otherwise you are a blight with your drinking and drugs, sexual immorality, and identity politics.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Hm… did comments from a Starbucks story get appended to the comments section for this NFL story?

  • Jarhead

    Keep up the Good Works = Boycott the NFL