NFL Week 2: Another Ratings Decline from 2016

If Week 1 was rough for the National Football League’s ratings, Week 2 may be sending the league’s top brass into a panic.

The NY Post reports:

Ratings in Weeks 1 and 2 were down 12 and 15 percent, respectively, according to Nielsen.

These overall weekly ratings reflect declines in viewership in 9 of the 13 broadcast slots for NFL games in the first two weeks of the season. One analyst believes media companies could lose $200 million from loss of earnings from advertising if the trend continues through the rest of the season.

The NFL’s troubles in Week 1 were blamed on Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. However, it is starting to look like more and more viewers are simply deciding not to watch NFL games and that could be related to the politicization of the sport over the last few years.

Remember, polling has shown 44% of fans would stop watching if the controversial national anthem protests continued.

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  • James Bryson

    So, gross disrespect for the National Anthem IS bad business.

    Can you hear me now?

  • Tommy B

    Haven’t watched one game this year, and not going too either.

    • Stu

      I quit last year. I am never going to watch again. I have my Sundays back. I have my Monday evenings back. The nfl is dead.

  • John Wirts

    So just how stupid are the NFL officials, owners and players? Apparently very stupid, the players are disrespecting the national anthem, the NFL officials are ignoring the disrespect and allowing it to continue as are the owners. How far will revenues have to drop before things change? When I was in school Football was the game, soccer was that European or South American Game. Now it is edging football out and if football doesen’t control the players, the game will die a well deserved death!

    • enviropal99

      The owners paid billions for each team. How will they feel when their investment becomes worthless?

      • Angelo G



        I am really upset with the growing numbers of NFL players (and now owners) and their anti patriotism behavior, and feel I have to send a shout out for my country and it’s flag and the soldiers that protect us all! Some people have already moved away from their support of TV views and not attending the arenas on game day! Hurrah for them.! I would like to let the whole league know from top to bottom that No one should disrespect our great nation and not pay a price! The first part of my idea is to stop buying the tickets that fund the millionaires coffers and let them play in empty stadiums for the games this year (as a start) and see if we can get back the respect the United States of America should have from those who benefit so very much from her Good Things!
        And to go further with my concerns, I am praying over the great disasters that many Americans are coping with right now. Scenes from Texas, Florida, and now Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are daunting. The horrible loss of life and property is over whelming. What can we do, or what have we done to help?? I would like to suggest the each of us make a conscious effort to send the price of our 3 forfeited NFL game tickets to Samaritan’s Purse or some other reputable relief organisation that you have confidence in. If you don’t buy tickets, then send an amount that represents the cost of them. ( I have already sent my price) I wish this idea could go viral and become a national wake up call to patriots every where to ” love our country and spend our resources where those in need get a lions share of our attention!! Please sent this on to all your contacts, and God multiply your blessings! A patriot jlc

        James L.

  • PC Bob

    If it starts to lower their net bottom line, the management MAY do something about it. MAYBE! Sadly, though, this kind of disrespect is trickling down to the high school level, or lower! When management ALLOWS this crap, it just escalates! Are we raising a generation of snowflakes? Or, worse, civil disobedience terrorist’s? Wouldn’t the Founding Fathers be so proud?

  • jmack619 .

    nfl used to have Dennis Miller doing some work on Monday night football. He was way to intelligent for a lot football fans and players, so they fired him

    • Angelo G


  • Angelo G

    I stopped watching and will never buy anything NFL related ever again.

    Let me tell you, its liberating, and I have found it gives me more time to be doing something fun or productive.
    Don’t miss it at all, and I am not supporting a bunch of leftist morons any more.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    That’s nice, and go boycotters! But wake me up when it reaches 25%: *Then* it’ll mean something. I’m guessing that these businesses like the NFL and Target either decided ahead of time that they could take the potential hit for the sake of leftism, or they calculated that the left agendists would make a bigger dent in their profits than conservatives if they did nothing….

    • Pam O’Neal

      If enough people boycott, the NFL could be taken to task a lot quicker than they think possible. They are not accustomed to that type of behavior from fans.

  • Trey Tex

    The nfl has absolutely nothing to do with the honorable sport of American football anymore. New local leagues will pop up and the sport will rise again amongst the true American People of flyover USA. All those anti-American corporations & individuals will leave or be removed from our great nation by God Himself if need be.

  • YukLeftOvers

    If you disrespect the flag and anthem that gives you the right to freely express yourself ..BUT…. do it on your time or buy your own air time or write an op-ed. Unfortunately most football players cant write past the fifth grade level.
    Its great and I agree with comment below–I have my Sundays and Mondays back.

  • Pam O’Neal

    Angelo G. – Well, they surely don’t deserve our money!