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Pandering FAIL: Airline’s LGBT-Pride Ad Just Doesn’t “Click”

Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) just proved logic and safety are less important than virtue signaling when it comes to the corporate race to embrace all things LGBT.

Can you spot the problem with this tweet? Apparently, KLM thinks there’s more than one way to buckle a seatbelt:

The irony, of course, is only one of the three seatbelt pairings actually works the way it is designed to and the others just don’t “click.”

Twitter users across the world had some very creative replies blasting the airline for pandering before thinking things through:

RedState‘s Kimberly Ross doesn’t pull any punches:

Well, actually, it does matter who you click with when you’re sitting on a plane, about ready to take off into the wild blue yonder.

  • If you choose rainbow belt combination #1, and the plane you’re in experiences turbulence or something worse, you will be grotesquely injured and/or killed.

  • If you choose rainbow belt combination #2, and the plane you’re in experiences turbulence or something worse, you will be grotesquely injured and/or killed.

  • The only safe option is rainbow belt combination #3. By connecting the opposite ends of the belt, you will be secured in your airplane seat, and will be following proper safety protocol.

While KLM’s lack of logical consistency deserves derision, it’s important to point out that the LGBT political agenda does lead to very real safety concerns. For example, the American Family Association and The Daily Signal have compiled countless examples of criminals who took advantage of Target’s policy that allows men into women’s bathrooms and changing rooms. Unfortunately, as this Twitter user pointed out, the left and their corporate allies are all too obsessed with being on the cutting edge of that agenda to notice the fallacies:

For more on where other airlines stand on marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) accommodations, and religious liberty issues, be sure to visit 2ndVote’s database of company scores here.

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  • Original Anna

    I wouldn’t put one of those belts on any ways because it would be a bad omen. The fact that LGBT took the rainbow colors as their flag is a bad omen itself because God after the flood said when we see his rainbow it means God has a covenant with us not to destroy the world again. All LGBT wants to do is destroy the world, change it into nothing but a sexual activity field. The flower children of the sixties found out how well that worked. LGBT likes to change everything including the word meaning for marriage to fit them and not the rest of the world. People who think only about what they want and worship how they do sex sooner or later will answer to the person who made the rainbow colors to represent his covenant not a man made covenant to represent sexual activities. Wearing those colors to go flying, nope. I will watch those colors in the sky from Earth and know what they are really for and not tempt omens. These creeps in these companies are making fools of themselves in the public eyes and the public is quite large, thanks to the Internet now-a-days, quite large.

  • Spectrum

    Knowing that KLM are coming up with things like this, will make me boycott the airline. I have no intention of using their rainbow seat belts, and it is offensive to me for them to force unwitting passengers into using one, due to no ( standard ) alternatives. Wearing them is akin to supporting the perversion they are promoting.

    I hope the airline goes broke. It deserves to !

    • CumExApostolatus

      Not going to happen. It’s “royal Dutch” airlines.