Potato Chip Score Update: Utz and Cape Cod Better Alternative to Lay’s

You asked for it, you got it!

Last week, in our daily #2ndVoteCompanySpotlight, we featured our research findings on potato chip brand Lay’s (1.4 – Liberal) on Facebook and Twitter.

The Lay’s line of chips is produced by Frito-Lay (1.4 – Liberal), a subsidiary of PepsiCo (1.4 – Liberal). PepsiCo is one of the most liberal companies in our database and provides financial support to several leftist organizations. Liberal groups like the Center for American Progress (aka “Hillary’s Think Tank”), the Human Rights Campaign, the League of United Latin American Citizens all receive sponsorship dollars from PepsiCo. The soft drink manufacturer has also partnered with left-wing environmentalists and business coalitions organized to undermine protections for religious liberty.

As a brand under the PepsiCo corporate umbrella, a portion of every Lay’s potato chip purchase helps support the agenda of these radical liberal activists.

So when our followers asked, “What potato chip brands would make a better alternative for our conservative dollars?” Our research team got to work and wanted to share our latest findings.

Utz (3 – Neutral), which is based in Pennsylvania, is “the largest independent, privately held snack brand in the United States.” Our research team has found Utz remains neutral on all the issues 2ndVote scores. Utz also owns the Bachman, Zapp’s, and Dirty snack brands as well.

Cape Cod is a snack brand owned by Snyder’s-Lance (3 – Neutral). Like Utz, our research team found Snyder’s-Lance has remained neutral on all the issues. Other brands owned by Snyder’s-Lance include Snyder’s of Hanover, Lance, Kettle Brand, Diamond Nuts, Emerald Nuts, Jay’s, Tom’s, Snack Factory, Pop-Secret, and more.

We provide this information so that you can make the best decision when it comes to voting with your shopping dollars. When we purchase Utz or Cape Cod chips instead of Lay’s, we’re not just buying a snack, we’re making sure our dollars don’t fund PepsiCo’s liberal agenda.

Our mission at 2ndVote is to make sure conservatives have the best information when it comes to the political activism funded by their shopping dollars and we hope you’ll connect with us so that you can regularly receive our latest research and recommendations.

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  • Precise

    As far as eating healthy there is no better chip than from Good Health Natural Products, Inc. Greensboro, NC. Only three ingredients, as it should be simple! I have no association with the company. I just eat their chips.
    How do you rate them?

  • Angelo G

    Glad I know this , I will never buy Lays products again.
    Thanks again 2nd vote

  • David Bennett

    Our household is done with PepsiCo products until they change their ways. Companies doing business with the general public ought to realize half their customers are probably not of their faith, politically….and ought to be neutral. That said….I really use to like Lays Chips……!

  • I started boycotting Frito-Lay 10 years ago, when they funded the opposition to California’s Proposition 8. Utz (for potato chips) and Snyder’s (for tortilla chips) are currently my usual brands.