Pumpkin Spice Latte: Buy ‘Em Anywhere But Starbucks

It’s fall, which means it’s pumpkin spice latte season. The popular drink option has earned Starbucks over one billion dollars since it was launched, according to one analysis.

Here at 2ndVote, we want you to drink all the pumpkin spice latte your heart desires. Just please don’t do it at Starbucks.

No company is perfect, but few are worse than Starbucks. The company has bought into the false idea that America is a racist nation, and it opposes American values on immigration, the environment, abortion, marriage, guns, and more. It’s even bought into the silly “straw ban” narrative promoted in poop-covered cities like San Francisco.

We urge you to take your latte business to anywhere but Starbucks. Peet’s and Caribou, for example, have pumpkin spice offerings that won’t conflict with your values. (Caribou does partner with Susan G. Komen, but they still rank an almost-neutral 2.9 with 2ndVote!)

Seasonal lattes are popular and taste great. They’ll taste even better when you can buy them without compromising your values!

Tell Peet’s “thank you” for staying neutral!

Contact Peet's Coffee & Tea!

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  • paintinc56

    Make your own for half the cost or better yet go for the sugar free International Delight pumpkin spice creamer, better for your waistline.

  • Natureboi

    The company has bought into the false idea that America is a racist nation

    It is. That’s why we have a moronic racist white supremacist for a President.

    and it opposes American values on immigration

    Treating all immigrants as criminal is not a “value.”

    the environment

    How is wanting to protect the environment a bad thing?

    abortion, marriage



    Nobody needs an AR-15 with large capacity magazines.

    • Gr8Day 2Play

      Way to go Natureboi. These 2nd Vote racists need to be brought down, including their fascist leader Corporal Spanky Yellow-Snow Bone-spurs. The Corporal couldn’t even pay tribute to the Americans that fell in Europe because a little mist might cause him to have a bad hair day. I am sure he’s endured more rain than that for the sake of a game of golf. But his time is coming soon. Mueller is a the door. I just couldn’t believe that he was stupid enough to state on live television that “I wrote the responses to the questions.” He’s going to regret that statement. Anyways, I digress. I am going out to buy a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks.

      • Publius Hamilton

        I’d rather have a President who supports the military in words AND in deeds rather than the previous Fool who talked a good game but proceeded to hollow out our military and let readiness fall to Jimmy Carter levels.

        Trump is coarse and clearly isn’t polished like Slick Willy or Hussein Obama bin Biden but I prefer to focus on deeds over words and promises kept.

        • Gr8Day 2Play

          SUPPORTS the military??? He uses it for his own political needs, sending troops to “guard” against families looking for a better, safer life. You racists sure are a bunch of paranoid, sycophants to an asshole egomaniac. But back to the military. I hope they have a nice Thanksgiving meal eating slop out of an MRE can while Corporal 5-time draft dodger Spany Bonespurs, who couldn’t even answer the question of which foot it was in, so he said “both”, has his Thanksgiving on our dime at that money-laundering headquarters of his in Florida. He pisses always our money like it’s his, and this $210 million being spent to guard against nothing is just wasteful. He is such a goddamn liar and you idiots voted for him because he was on TV. Supports the military??? Please! He attacks our heroes with his vitriolic puke 🤮 and hasn’t done one thing in service to this country. We are an embarrassment to the world because of this shithead and you Republicans do nothing to help save us from the clear and present danger Donald Chump. If we survive this administration it will only be because his performance has been so poor that we are finally waking up to it and the checks and balances are coming beginning in January.
          Thank God. He couldn’t have done more damage to this country than if he was a Russian agent. I forgot, he is married to one, that’s right. BeBest. What a joke. He’s the biggest bully asshole on social media there is.

        • Gr8Day 2Play

          Wow. It’s Thanksgiving morning at about 10:20 and Corporal Spanky is doing a live presser where he is just sucking Saudi dong with no shame whatsoever. And he has this group of “journalists” throwing him softballs where he has so much smoke coming out of his ass you can barely see. I have NEVER been more embarrassed to be an American than I am right now. YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED YOU TOTAL INCOMPETENT. I have never actually hated our President before. Disagreed with, yes. But hated, never. I hate this man. He is a disaster for this country.

        • Gr8Day 2Play

          Thank God for CNN, WAPO and the NY Times. Without true news agencies willing to call him out on his lies and bullshit, we would be one step away from being Nazi Germany and the propaganda machines under Hitler and Goebbels. This “President” has a conference call with troops in Afghanistan today to express our gratitude and he launches into the 9th Circuit Court being a thorn in our side, he discloses sensitive military information to “show off” his so-called knowledge of military equipment, he goes into cutting of the border from the asylum seekers…everything else than truly thanking our troops for their service and sacrifice. He is the most selfish, self-important, self-absorbed IDIOT EMBARRASSMENT LOSER. GET HIM OUT OF HERE. HE IS A DANGER TO OUR COUNTRY!

        • Gr8Day 2Play

          It is impossible to overstate the damage this jerk-off has done to the respect that the office of the President of the United States used to command. His feuds with our intelligence operations, the judicial branch of government, and his attacks on our constitution are nothing short of treason. His public statements on this Thanksgiving Day are the most embarrassing, polarizing, combative, obstructive, racist (“these are very bad people”), comments ever made by a President. And after a full morning of giving head 👄 to the Saudi’s and completely damaging the country, it’s off to the golf course. I hope he gets cancer of the hair, which is only possible in his case because that thing on his head is actually some sort of parasitic creature with a life of its own. Does his vocabulary include more words than “big,” “great,” “if you look 👀 at it”. I wished I had a nickel for every time he has said “if you look 👀 at it.”

    • Publius Hamilton

      Natureboi you are welcome to live your life as you choose but you’re not welcome to satisfy your egotistical need to force others to follow your liberal sheeple path.

      • Natureboi

        Natureboi you are welcome to live your life as you choose but you’re not welcome to satisfy your egotistical need to force others to follow your liberal sheeple path.

        Why did you vote for Trump?

      • Natureboi

        Natureboi you are welcome to live your life as you choose but you’re not welcome to satisfy your egotistical need to force others to follow your liberal sheeple path.

        What am I “forcing” others to do?