Reebok Lectures Trump and It Backfires in a YUGE Way

Apparently, there’s a YUGE disconnect between the social media team and marketing team at Reebok.

Last week, Reebok’s Twitter account published a public reprimand of President Trump for a compliment paid to France’s First Lady Lady Brigitte Macron:

Many on Twitter immediately blasted the apparel company for exploiting what appeared to be a non-issue in order to score a few political points. The Daily Wire reports “Ms. Macron said ‘thank you’ to Trump, who gave [the] compliment standing next to Mr. Macron.”

However, comedian Jim Norton pointed out the hypocrisy of Reebok’s virtue signaling:

Keep in mind, Reebok’s parent company Adidas has taken a liberal position on several issues scored by 2ndVote. For example, Adidas joined a coalition of companies that stand against Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement. Adidas also scores 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index (CEI).

Click here to see the complete scorepages for Reebok and Adidas.

Should apparel companies be trying to score political points, or should they just stick to business? Reach out to Reebok and Adidas with the buttons below and tell their leadership what you think.

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  • Michelle

    Reebok got what they deserved with their snarky comment in their ad. Seemed more like they were selling their liberalness than sportswear. They just got slam dunked by Trump class. And yes, he does have it. Reebok, try to find yours.

  • Angelo G

    Just don’t buy there junk.
    That’s the best way to get to them.