Senator: “There’s something wrong with the (Wells Fargo) culture.”

Senator Richard Shelby, chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, went on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” to discuss today’s hearing on the Wells Fargo scandal that involved millions of fraudulent accounts opened by bank employees without customers’ knowledge.

In the interview, Senator Shelby said, “When… you have employees, up to 5,000 that they terminated for bringing forth fraudulent accounts, there’s something wrong with the culture and there’s something wrong with the bank.”

We agree with Senator Shelby’s assessment. In fact, here are just a few problems we have with the (liberal) culture at Wells Fargo:

  • Wells Fargo contributes to the National Urban League, which supports a full repeal of “Stand Your Ground” laws and the implementation of Common Core.
  • Wells Fargo is a member and sponsor of Ceres, which is a liberal environmental group that supports cap-and-trade policies.
  • Wells Fargo was a sponsor of the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner.
  • Wells Fargo has made direct donations to Planned Parenthood.
  • Wells Fargo contributes to Girls, Inc., a pro-abortion organization that partners with proponents of Common Core
  • Wells Fargo sponsored 2016 annual banquet for La Raza, an organization that advocates for sanctuary cities.
  • Wells Fargo publicly advocated against religious liberty protections by opposing Indiana’s 2015 RFRA legislation.

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