Target to Pay Big Bucks for 2013 Data Breach

Many will remember the 2013 data breach that left millions of Target customers exposed and with empty pockets. This sparked a multi-state investigation, which has finally been settled for over $18.5 million, a record-breaking data breach.

According to USA Today, 47 states have issued new industry standards for companies that process payment cards and maintain confidential information about their customers.

The multi-state investigation revealed that cyber attackers used stolen third-party credentials,  gaining access to Target’s system, which housed numerous forms of sensitive information of customers.

USA Today released a great step-by-step guide of the requirements Target is set to uphold under the terms of agreement of the settlement as detailed below: 

  • Develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive information security program
  • Employ an executive or officer responsible for executing the program
  • Hire an independent expert to conduct a security assessment
  • Maintain and support data security software on the company’s network
  • Segregate the cardholder data from the rest of the network
  • Take steps to control network access, including password rotation policies and two-factor authentication

Our research indicates Target is one of the most liberal companies in the country having supported leftist groups like the Human Rights Campaign and National Urban League. Target also helps fund liberal policy positions on immigration, the 2nd Amendment, and even environmental issues.

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