Trump Ends U.S. Military’s Transgender Social Experiment

In a series of tweets, President Trump has announced the reversal of the Obama administration’s policy of allowing transgender people to serve openly in the United States military.

Many conservatives have praised the move noting the military is an inapprorpriate institution for “social experimentation”:

It is worth noting that the military’s prohibition on transgender in the armed forces existed for 7 of 8 years of the Obama presidency. On June 30, 2016, then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced the policy change and confirmed the military would “cover the medical costs of those in uniform who wished to undergo gender transition.” Under that policy, service members would also undergo a mandated “training program” on transgender issues.

Despite Trump’s desire to end social experimentation by the military, the LGBT left, and several activist CEOs, have launched a misinformation campaign against the common-sense decision.

Apple‘s Tim Cook:

Google‘s Sundar Pichai:

Facebook‘s Mark Zuckerberg:

What do Apple, Google, and Facebook have in common? All three have histories of pushing the radical, liberal agenda, especially on LGBT issues. Apple and Google are also corporate supporters of the liberal Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which responded to Trump’s decision using false statistics regarding the number of transgender people in the military.

HRC’s Twitter feed claims over 15,000 transgender individuals actively serve in the U.S. Military. However, a study by the RAND Corporation estimates the real number is 2,450 active personnel.

Keep in mind, HRC is the powerful LGBT organization that led the legal assault on laws protecting traditional marriage in recent years and has been involved in instigating controversies over so-called “bathroom bills” in states like North Carolina. Any company associated with HRC plays a direct role in advancing the liberal LGBT agenda and that is why we have developed a quick reference guide to show which corporations are behind HRC’s misinformation campaign. Click here to see more on HRC’s liberal ideology and the companies that enable their efforts to undermine common sense and basic values.

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  • RealAmerican407

    The military is supposed to be a very disciplined elite fighting force. It is not a place to express yourself, social experimentation or an outlet to have expensive surgeries footed by the taxpayer because you cannot afford it yourself.

  • Jayne C.

    Zuckerberg: “Everyone should be able to serve their country — no matter who they are.” Dope. Our military currently rightly limits participation by persons who are obese, flat-footed, poorly-visioned, etc. I want the very best, not those with “issues”, especially issues that the medical community is so divided on. Besides, liberals always whine about funding our military, that is why we are so far behind in our readiness now, since Obama listened to them for 8 years. Now they would have taxpayers pay for elective surgeries and/or all the extra bathing and sleeping accommodations? Get real, Zuck; not everyone is made of money.

  • Spectrum

    Excellent news. However, the job’s only half done, Donald. We still need to get the gays out of the military as well. Are you bold enough to take that problem on too ? I hope so. But if that’s too big a job, at least reinstate “Don’t ask Don’t tell”.

  • Angelo G

    Transgender do not belong in sleeping quarters with normal people, yes, I said normal people.
    Think of this, where would a transgender rather be then in a room full of guys.
    Its insane and disruptive.