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United Way’s Planned Parenthood Donations Fund the Left’s Campaign against Kavanaugh — Follow the Money

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion company. It also has a massively influential political machine that has led the Democratic Party to support taxpayer-funded abortions anytime, anywhere, for any reason. They say jump and Democrats don’t bother asking how high, as we saw with the Kavanaugh debacle where at least one Democrat said she believes uncorroborated and unproven claims of sexual assault because Kavanaugh is pro-life.

2ndVote shoppers can help stop this by forcing United Way chapters to stop funding Planned Parenthood. $2.7 million might not be a lot of money compared to Planned Parenthood’s billion-plus annual revenues, but such a drop in funding would be a strong sign that the times are changing for the abortion industry. And those dollars fund thousands of abortions.

Why target United Way over Planned Parenthood’s corporate donors? First, target them all! Second, though, United Way is clearly unnerved at the attention they are getting. They not only dodged the issue in a statement, but they also stealth-edited out of the statement the fact that “a small number” of chapters donate to Planned Parenthood.

The fact is that United Way is scared to be associated with Planned Parenthood. 2ndVote activists can take advantage of this and really put the pressure on United Way. If United Way chapters stop donating, we could see other groups — non-profit and corporate — realize that they should stop funding Planned Parenthood if they want support from grassroots Americans.

See 2ndVote’s Pro-Life Guide to United Way here.

See all of Planned Parenthood’s corporate supporters here.

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  • astrojohn

    Before I retired, my employer (the largest defense contractor in the world who will remain unnamed) FORCED me to contribute to the United Way if I wanted to keep my job. Such is the power of the Left – and this was going on as far back as the mid-60’s.

  • Mary Navratilova

    Time is up! Full Senate vote now! Confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate now! It’s time to move forward and confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in full Senate to the Supreme Court. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed immediately! I’m a woman and I don’t believe these women Ms. Christine Blasey Ford, Ms. Deborah Ramirez and Ms. Julie Swetnick. These ultra-leftist women will never vote for the Republican Party, so quit letting them lead you around. You can see that this is manipulation. The Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh should be confirmed now! Vote the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh in Supreme court justice now! If the Republicans don’t confirm the Judge Dr. Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, I will stay home on Election Day!!!