Walgreens Caves to ACLU, Allows Men in Women’s Restrooms

Walgreens will now allow men to use women’s restroom facilities in all stores across the country on the basis of “gender identity” as opposed to biological sex.

The company announced the new policy after a female LGBT activist claimed a Walgreens employee forced her to use the men’s restroom because of her “appearance.” The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California assisted the individual, who is biologically female and identifies as female, in bringing her complaint to Walgreens corporate.

Instead of affirming that a woman should be able to use the women’s restroom, Walgreens, at the urging of the ACLU and other LGBT activists, has apparently decided best remedy for the situation is to welcome biological men to use the women’s restroom. The company’s new policy, per a directive released this week, says:

All individuals have a right to use restroom facilities that correspond to the individual’s gender identity, regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth.

According to the same directive, Walgreens defines “gender identity” as: “A person’s innate, deeply-felt sense of one’s gender. One’s gender identity may not correspond to that person’s sex as assigned at birth.”

In other words, gender identity is what that person feels, at that given moment.

The fact that Walgreens would respond in a way that will create more confusion and complications, as well as more safety concerns, is not surprising given the company’s history on similar issues. Walgreens recently boasted its perfect rating on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index, which includes adherence to the controversial Criteria 4. See more on the HRC’s CEI and Criteria 4 here.

Also, remember Walgreens has recently come under fire for supporting liberal organizations that lobby for sanctuary city policies.

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  • Robert E. Lee ca.

    The war on reality continues.

    • Death. It is the only way forward now. Death, suffering, bloodshed. You are right to urge the weak-minded to take their own lives because the future is pain. Only those of us willing to kill the weak with our bare hands will be safe. Join us, or make your peace with fear.

  • glenbo

    From the above manipulative article I must quote:

    >>”In other words, gender identity is what that person feels, at that given moment.”<<

    This is NOT how a transgender person identifies.
    By virtue of the fact the truth is manipulated to forward an anti-LGBT agenda, it destroys credibility of religion based hate organizations such as the FRC.

    If I said a Christian can become a Muslim at any "given moment," how would you respond?
    Absurdity at its best.

    • Sherie Black

      You do NOT understand how rapists and pedophiles are using this to new “caring LBGT” policy to their advantage. It is happening not being reported by liberal media – like the incidents where I live. So more women and children are victimized by liberals

      • glenbo

        >>” It is happening not being reported by liberal media – like the incidents where I live.”<<

        Such as?

    • Spectrum

      “…Absurdity at its best…”.

      You’re right, your post was just that.

      • glenbo

        >>”You’re right, your post was just that.”<<

        Do you think sexual attractions can be chosen "at any moment?"

  • rb

    walgreens along with target and any other outfit who supports this travesty is on my never go there list , I only hope its on yours

  • ChuckW

    Sad to see a major business supporting unreality. I learned from my sister who was born with spina bifida, that you only further handicap someone, when you support their NOT dealing with reality. Near the end of her life my sister said to our teenage niece who was trying to act compassionate and help her up concrete steps with no railing to hold onto, “Get out of my way! I am NOT handicapped.” Had she been raised with misplaced compassion, she would have been further handicapped. Walgreen’s policy may make them “look” good in some people’s eyes, but they are actually supporting self-destructive thinking and behavior, and doing so at the expense of most of their customer’s right to privacy. (Remember how Roe vs. Wade somehow found a “right to privacy” for women regarding abortion? Has the Supreme Court repealed that right to privacy and I missed it?)

  • Spectrum

    Virtue signaling at the expense of customer safety and privacy. The left have no respect for the normal majority.

    • our spawn will swarm from the void and bring the next phase of being to this plane

      • Spectrum

        I reckon you’re only half joking. Or maybe not joking at all.

  • Joe Winston

    Frustrating. I moved to Rite Aid away from CVS who has a poor rating. Wallgreens just bought the local Rite Aid stores. CVS is no better. Where can I go?

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Yeah… The time is ripe for my wife and I to start using the family pharmacy across the street from the Walgreens where we used to shop at regularly till now. (We were thinking of switching over anyway because we’re trying to shop locally more.)

    • The sores that weep pus onto your genitals will run red as my shadow darkens the land. they, and the wanton copulation they emblemize, will be your ultimate undoing, but only after you have seen everything you hold dear perish in searing pain.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    I want my #AnyWhereButWalgreens petition to sign, please.

    • ✯☭ The Wickerman ☭✯

      You sure do have a lot of concern about sexual orientation. You accuse me of being “transgender” on another forum, I’m not sure why you want me to be gay or transgender, but you’re obviously obsessed with other people’s sexuality.
      Reading your many posts where you constantly feel the need to talk about it is quite revealing.

      • TheKnowerseeker

        The Marxist with the Soviet sickle and hammer in his account name claims not to be obsessed with LGBTQWERTY. Marxists are the *only* people obsessed with it; you are obsessed with forcing its normality *everywhere*. What a joke.

        By the way, you’re a stalker.

        • ✯☭ The Wickerman ☭✯

          Why is it that all of these pro-Trump nuts call anyone who looks at their easily-found past posts a “stalker”? Paranoid much? If you don’t want anyone to read other posts, simply make your account private.
          Reading your past posts, you certainly are overly-concerned about an issue that seems to not concern you. If you’re against being gay, then just don’t be gay. Sorry, but it is perfectly normal, and no, I’m not gay. Grow up.
          My avatar sure does trigger the Trump cultists.

  • glenbo

    >>”gender identity is what that person feels, at that given moment”<<

    Fear invoking lie.
    Gender identity is "felt" consistently throughout the transgender persons life from a very young age.

    When you propagate lied to invoke animus to support a bigoted agenda, you become vacuous of merit and credibility.