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Whoopi Goldberg Compares Celebrating Christmas To Choosing Abortion

Television star Whoopi Goldberg has decided that celebrating Christmas can now be compared to the right to an abortion. That’s right. She believes the observation of the most significant birth of all, that of Christ’s, is the same as a woman being given permission to end the life of her unborn child. This week on The View, Goldberg made the following statement:

“What I do with my body is my right. It is not your right to tell me. The same thing is it’s – if you believe in Christmas, it’s not my right.”

Goldberg’s absurd opinion is wrong. An abortion affects not only the woman making the decision but also her unborn child. Furthermore, the issue is even more complex due to policy debates such as the federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

Goldberg not only heinously compared celebrating Christ’s birth to the right to abort, but she has also long been an advocate for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, which carries out over 320,000 of the procedures every year.

Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood relies on numerous corporate supporters to carry out its abortion agenda. Many major corporations that you shop with each day donate to the organization either directly or through third party groups. Check out our research page here to find out which companies are behind Planned Parenthood. If we work together, we can begin to make a change.

  • Honest_Lady

    ‘What I do with my body is my right.’

    Whoopie, What you do with the baby’s body is not right… nor is it YOUR right. The baby has a right to live. If you don’t want her, you can give her to someone who does want her.

    • DT

      Babies aren’t aborted, fetuses are. If you’re going to weigh-in on the subject, at least get your word usage correct.

      a very young child, especially one newly or recently born.

      The result of a pregnancy is called an embryo from the moment of conception to the eighth week of pregnancy. After the eighth week and until the moment of birth, it is called a fetus.

      • Honest_Lady

        The “fetus”, as you wish, is a separate human being with her own set of DNA. She or he has arms and legs and eyes and tiny little fingers. She also has her own brain and can even suck her own thumb, smile, and move around in utero . He or she has the chance to one day become a Nobel Prize winner.

        Why then is it okay, in your eyes, to kill a fetus (with her own separate set of DNA; that is separate from her mother’s DNA) but not kill any other separate human being? Calling her a fetus is still identifying her as a human being, you know.

        Mothers who have gone through the entire process know she is a separate human being from the beginning…from the time of conception.
        Don’t you know your science?

        • DT

          Science–biology, medicine, law, philosophy, the bible, and society have no consensus on the issue that a fetus is a human being.

          There will never be a consensus because of the subjective and unscientific nature of the claim, so we must give the benefit of the doubt to women, who are indisputable human beings with rights.

          We should leave the decision up to the women’s moral conscience, and make sure that they are provided with safe, legal, accessible abortions.

          The fetus has the chance to one day become a serial killer as well.

          • Honest_Lady

            True science is never a matter of consensus.

          • DT

            Science is a consensus of scientist in any given field, upon the discovery of new information. Then scientific terminology is established in that field and becomes the “science.” But scientist in different fields may come to different conclusions, as well as the law and members of society.

            The bible doesn’t value a life until the baby is a month old. The punishment for causing a woman to miscarry is less than the punishment for a death.

          • Honest_Lady

            Who died and made you the arbiter of what true science is? My dad was a physicist, and a very outstanding one at that. He taught me much about science. I’ve read since then.

            The garbage that you are spewing is Lefty-new-definition. Facts are facts whether anyone believes them or not. If the government can pay off enough scientists to spout their new definition, then they get to re-define the rhetoric. It still doesn’t change the facts.

            There will always be people like you who actually fall for it. smh

          • DT

            You don’t like that I understand science differently than you do? Or are you just annoyed that “Science” does not always agree with you? It’s not that I am spewing a lefty-new-definition as much as your understanding of the definition is “garbage.”

            Yes, facts are facts whether anyone believes them or not. I’m not the one falling for a make-believe-sky-wizard. You might want to rethink which of us would more likely be one of those who “actually fall for it.”

            Where’s your proof of god … scientifically speaking?

          • DT

            Scientific consensus is the collective judgment, position, and opinion of the community of scientists in a particular field of study. Consensus implies general agreement, though not necessarily unanimity.

            Consensus is normally achieved through communication at conferences, the publication process, replication (reproducible results by others), and peer review. These lead to a situation in which those within the discipline can often recognize such a consensus where it exists, but communicating to outsiders that consensus has been reached can be difficult, because the ‘normal’ debates through which science progresses may seem to outsiders as contestation. On occasion, scientific institutes issue position statements intended to communicate a summary of the science from the “inside” to the “outside” of the scientific community. In cases where there is little controversy regarding the subject under study, establishing what the consensus is can be quite straightforward.

            Scientific consensus may be invoked in popular or political debate on subjects that are controversial within the public sphere but which may not be controversial within the scientific community, such as evolution or the claimed linkage of MMR vaccinations and autism.

          • Ron Green

            BS you say

          • DT

            No, YOU said BS. I Posted a logical, intelligent statement that apparently goes beyond your comprehension and ability to debate properly.

          • Ron Green

            I’d debate you on the subject; but not on a trolling format you wish to compete on. Go back to your mommys basement.

          • DT

            Ron Green — you chose to come here to what you call a “trolling format” just to say you’re not debating, because you don’t like the format!?!?!

            Why did you come here in the first place?

            OH, that’s right, I posted a logical, intelligent statement that apparently goes beyond your comprehension and ability to debate properly, but you felt the need to say something anyway, even if it is nonsensical.

            I bet you prayed for wisdom didn’t you. Well, we all know about god answering prayers.

          • Ron Green

            and mindless thinkers like you.

          • DT

            A non-thinking thinker?

            Well, I guess if you have nothing to add to the conversation, but you feel the need to be heard anyway, you can continue to post mindless dribble.

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    If only her mother had chosen to have one.

    • kainosktisis

      You shouldn’t say things like that. A PCer had once told me my parents should’ve done likewise to me….How is that any different…? Saying that a person should have been murdered in the womb?

      • Spectrum

        I think Wayne Ville was speaking rhetorically not literally. Though the irony with Goldberg’s comments is obvious.

    • DT

      So you approve of abortions!

  • DT

    Interesting that the quote appears to get cut off. I imagine she intended to say something along the lines of ‘if you believe in Christmas, it’s not my right … [to tell you not to believe or celebrate Christmas.]’

    Goldberg’s opinion is neither wrong nor absurd. YOU creating laws to tell women what they can and cannot do with their own body is absurd.

    Until such a day that there are no need for orphanages or foster homes in the world, you can stop pretending to make an issue over caring for the world’s children. Facts speak louder than words and factually speaking, we have uncared for children in the world and in the United States.

    • Spectrum

      It is not your body, Goldberg. It is the body GOD GAVE YOU to ( temporarily ) inhabit….

      “….All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that
      was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men….”. ( John 1;1 3-4 )

      “….God, who made the world and everything in it, since He is Lord of
      heaven and earth, does not dwell in temples made with hands. Nor
      is He worshiped with men’s hands, as though He needed anything, since He
      gives to all life, breath, and all things….”. ( Acts 17 ; 24-25 )

      • DT

        That’s right, it’s not YOUR body so stop trying to think you get to tell women what they can do to their bodies.

        One major flaw in America and they think a make believe invisible sky daddy is in charge. When in fact, he doesn’t even exist.

        • Spectrum

          What then, of the baby the woman is carrying ? By your heartless tone, it doesn’t exist either, I assume….

          • DT

            What kind of a jerk thinks civil rights are heartless? Oh, that’s right, one who believes things without proof and follows an uncivilized deity.

            My tone has nothing to do with your false claim the woman is carrying a baby. If you’re going to get involved in a debate concerning abortion, then you should first learn the correct terminology.

            The word you’re looking for is fetus. Legally and scientifically, it’s not “baby.”

            And biblically–if anyone wants to go there–it is worth less than a human life. There is absolutely no scripture concerning abortions except for the priest performing them and then calling the woman a witch or an adulteress. Surely if a priest in the bible is performing abortions, your god approves.

          • Spectrum

            I’m certain my God doesn’t approve of you. And you should be concerned about that.

          • DT

            That’s an awesome statement to make in response to my comment. I’ll take that to mean there are no verses to be found showing the bible values the life of a fetus.

            I’m more concerned you have a make-believe-friend because people who can be made to believe in absurdities can also be made to commit atrocities.

          • Spectrum

            “…. people who can
            be made to believe in absurdities can also be made to commit

            That would be Islam.

            The bible doesn’t mention a lot of specific crimes against humanity. It does cover a lot of them however. Enough for anyone with a brain and a conscience to discern right from wrong. It’s all condemned as sin. Which is why Jesus came to earth – to offer man a way out of that condemnation. You, by your wilful rejection of Him and His offer of redemption will have no-one to blame but yourself when you discover the truth. Ask Christopher Hitchens if there’s no God when you meet up with him over there.

          • DT

            People who can be made to believe in absurdities, can also be made to commit atrocities. PERIOD.

            An absurdity is an absurdity.

            That would be Christianity, as well as Islam–which both believe in, and worship the exact same god of Abraham. There are other absurd beliefs too, but don’t for one second think Christianity is not absurd. Do not think for one second that Christianity hasn’t committed atrocities against mankind, in the name of their god.

            How can the bible both ‘not mention’ and also ‘cover a lot’? That’s a contradiction that can’t both be true.

            Knowing right from wrong doesn’t have anything to do with a [make believe] god.

            Unfortunately, when you’re dead, you won’t realize you were wrong, because the dead know nothing.

          • Spectrum

            For your personal clarification I have added the word “generally” to my earlier post. I thought you had the perceptive ability to make the distinction. I should have known better, since you believe that the muslims and Christians share the same God. In name only, perhaps. Our God and theirs however, have totally divergent characteristics.

            And TRUE Christians are not violent. Those who commit violence in Christ’s name are twisting it to suit their own agendas. The exception to this would be in the case of self defence, for example.

          • DT

            In how much depth, have you studied the Qur’an?

            Ours not in name only. It’s the same god of Abraham.

            I question your knowledge of the Qur’an to the extent you are able to perceive the characteristics of the god character.

            Please elaborate on the Qur’an’s god’s characteristics.

            I find it best on social media comments to use the proper words to convey the exact meaning of your thoughts rather than leaving it open for interpretation.

          • Spectrum

            In a nutshell, this would be the primary reason why our Christian God and the muslim god cannot be the same, nor should be worshipped as the same…..

            ( quote ) “…..Christians understand the nature of God to be triune (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), which is the only way that Jesus Christ, as the second person of the Trinity, could die on the cross to pay for our sins. If Jesus were not God himself, then his death on the cross would be meaningless. However, Muslims deny that Jesus died on the cross and they reject the belief in his resurrection from the dead. Only a triune God, defined as one essence and three persons, could become incarnate and still remain God of the universe, and yet this is the God that Muslims
            reject. For them, Jesus cannot be God nor can God be a Father, for he cannot have a son. Therefore, if Muslims reject God as the Father of Jesus, then Allah cannot be the same as the God of the Bible….”.

            More detail here ;

            Incidentally, why are you so interested in any god at all, when you’re an atheist ?

            If you’re wanting to explore Christianity further, it helps if you know the fundamental basis for our faith ;

            While you’re there, feel free to use the search bar to satisfy any other questions you may have concerning spiritual matters. It’s a useful resource site for the curious.

            Perhaps we’ll meet in church one day ? Love to have you on board. Have a Merry Christmas.

          • DT

            This is not my response to your comment as I am still trying to figure out what you mean by “this.” But answer what religion this is as I try and fugure out why you didn’t actually address my comment or that you have done more than cut-and-paste:

            Name that religion!

            God created Adam from the earth. Gave him a wife. One heavenly being of “arrogance and disobedience” was expelled from that place. This being tempted Adam and his wife with forbidden fruit…they ate it and were expelled from their paradise.
            Adam and his wife had sons. One son killed another son.

            Noah built boat. There’s a flood. Everyone dies but those on the boat. After the flood, the boat rest on the mountain range of Ararat.

            Several messengers come to Abraham on their way to destroy the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham welcomes them and provides them with food. They then promise their host that Isaac will soon be born to Abraham’s wife, Sarah, even though she is far too old to bear children.

            Later, Abraham receives a command from god to sacrifice his son. Abraham agrees to this and prepares to carry out the sacrifice. Before he can do so, however, god tells him to stop and gives him a replacement sacrifice. Abraham is subsequently honored for his faithfulness to god.

            Now back to those messengers. They go to Sodom and find Abraham’s nephew Lot and tell him god will destroy the city.
            Lot tried to convince the people of Sodom and Gomorrah to refrain from practicing their lusts on the male visitors and offered the daughters of the world in marriage to them in exchange for the visitors’ release. The men wanted the visitors, not the daughters. The visitors were really angels and told Lot to leave the city, as it was about to be destroyed…and it was.

            Joseph has a vision of eleven stars and the sun and the moon all bowing to him which he shares with his family. Joseph’s brothers became jealous that their father preferred Joseph over them…they form a plot to kill Joseph. However, one brother convinces them not to kill him but throw him down a well while they are alone. They agree. A caravan passing the well inspires the brothers to pull Joseph out of the well and to sell him as a slave to traders in the caravan. Later the traders sell him to a wealthy Egyptian. The brothers lie to their father as to Joseph’s whereabouts, covering his clothing in blood and asserting that a wild animal had attacked him.
            Joseph grows up in the house of the Egyptian. When Joseph is a grown man, his master’s wife tries to seduce him. Joseph resists and runs away, but is caught by other servants and reported to his master. The wife lies to her husband, saying that Joseph tried to rape her.
            Joseph is thrown In prison, where he meets two men. One has a dream of making wine and the other dreams of carrying a stack of breads that birds are eating. Joseph tells the first that he will serve the Pharaoh again and the second will be executed. Both things happen, precisely as Joseph foretold. Although Joseph asks the first man to bring his name and unjust imprisonment to the attention of the Pharaoh, the first man quickly forgets about him once restored to the royal favor.

            Sometime later, the Pharaoh had a dream. The Pharaoh’s cup-bearer, who had been previously imprisoned with Joseph, suddenly remembers his promise and tells the Pharaoh about the man who foretold his own restoration to favor. The Pharaoh sent to the prison, asking Joseph to interpret his dream.
            Joseph reveals the meaning of the king’s dream: Egypt will have seven years of good crops followed by seven years of famine and the famine will be worse than the abundance. The king rewarded Joseph by giving him charge over the store houses and the entire land of Egypt.
            During the famine, Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to buy food, but the youngest was left with their father. While Joseph recognized them, they did not recognize him. He demanded that they return with the missing brother Benjamin (Joseph’s only full blood brother. The others are half-brothers). The brothers return home and find that Joseph had hidden in their packs more than they paid for. They asked their father if they might return with the youngest brother. Reluctantly, their father allows this. They return, and after some further incidents Joseph ultimately reveals himself to his brothers.

            The Pharaoh slew the young male children of the Israelites. Moses’ mother cast Moses as an infant into a small ark. god protected him. Moses was found by the household of the Pharaoh. They adopted him. Moses’ sister, Miriam, had followed Moses. When he was found, she recommended that his own mother serve as nurse to him. When Moses became an adult, he saw an Egyptian fighting with an Israelite. Moses interceded and killed the Egyptian. The next day Moses saw the Israelite whom he saved. “Do you intend to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?” he asks. The Pharaoh tried to have Moses killed and Moses fled. He went to a watering place in Midian. He met some sisters and watered their herd. When the women’s father, Jethro, learned of Moses, he invited him to stay and gave him a daughter, Zipporah, to marry.
            In Midian, Moses saw a fire and approached it. god spoke to him, and told him to remove his shoes. God said that he had chosen Moses. God said to throw down his staff and to stretch out his arm as signs. His staff turned into a serpent and then returned to the form of a staff. His arm became white although he was not sick. god commanded him to go to the Pharaoh to deliver a message. Moses said that he could not speak well. So god provided Aaron, Moses’ brother, to help Moses speak.
            Moses frees his people.
            On a mountain, god gave Moses a revelation of laws for Israel to follow. God made tablets with writing on them which Moses carried back to Israel.
            Moses asked to see god. The people saw the fire and lightning and the mountain and are afraid. While Moses is gone, the Israelites demanded to worship an idol. They used the gold from their ornaments to construct a golden calf whom they said was the god who rescued them from Egypt. Aaron does not stop them. Then Moses returned and chastised them and Aaron. Many were killed for their action. God sent down manna and quail to eat but the Hebrews still rebelled against god, and complained about the food. Moses asked god for water and god answered him. Moses struck a stone with his staff and water came forth. The Israelites were divided into twelve tribes.
            God gave the Israelites a bountiful land.

            A prophet of Israel appoints Saul as king after the Israelites petition the prophet for a king. At least a few people are not happy with Samuel’s choice. Saul is going into battle with his army and is unsure about his victory. David kills Goliath, a significant warrior in the opposing army.

            Jonah boards a ship loaded with passengers, lots are cast and Jonah is thrown overboard and swallowed by a large fish. After praying, he is cast out of the fish and washed ashore.

            Zechariah and his wife reached an old age without bearing children. god spoke to Zechariah and told him his wife would conceive, despite her barrenness, and his name would be John. As a sign that this would happen, god struck Zechariah mute until John was born though he communicated using signs. John became a great and righteous prophet and came to confirm god’s Word.

            A messenger from the lord came to Mary and announced to her she would have a son. But she said “How shall I have a son, when no man has touched me, and I am not indecent?” He said: “It will be so: your lord says ‘That is easy for me: And to appoint him as a sign to men and a mercy from us’: It is a thing ordained.” She later had a son and named him Jesus.

            Jesus was born of a virgin and made the dead to live through god’s help and will; Is the Messiah (the Christ); Had disciples; His disciples were successful over disbelievers; Healed the blind and healed the lepers by god’s will; Jesus did not ask to be worshipped and Jesus asked people to worship god.

            What religion is this?

          • Spectrum

            And if I had wanted a bible commentary I would read it for myself.

            You have too much time on your hands.

          • DT

            And that comment proves my point.

            This is from the Qur’an, not the bible.

            You still wish to argue about religions you seem to know nothing about?

            But since you thought it was biblical, I guess you’re more like a Muslim than you thought. Or didn’t think. Whatever.

          • Spectrum

            So what ? It’s about the bible – who cares if it’s from a muslim perspective ? Your attempt at being clever falls flat. You appear to have an inflated opinion of yourself, and a condescending attitude to all that don’t share YOUR interpretation of life.

            You would do well to take your example from Christ, who preached humility. But then you don’t believe He exists, so that goes a way to explaining your paucity of it.

          • DT

            My whole point was you don’t know anything about Islam, but yet you feel the need to bad-mouth it. I’ve proven to you that you don’t know anything about the world’s religions and instead of you saying “thank you for providing me with knowledge,” you do the most un-Christ-like thing and attack me, instead of the message.

            What I posted is NOT from the bible. What part of that are you not understanding? THAT’S ISLAM, the same god of Abraham you choose to follow.

            Now let’s play round two: What religion says:

            *If a man’s testicals are wounded or his penis is cut off, he may not enter the house of worship (or possibly Heaven, according to some interpretations).

            *If two men are fighting, and one of their wives steps in and grabs her husband’s opponent’s testicals or penis, her hand shall be cut off.

            *The deity of this religion required five golden anuses (hemorrhoids) from his followers in order to remove a plague off their land.

            *A future king bought a king’s Daughter–for marriage–at the price of two hundred foreskins of the Philistines the future king and his men slew.

            *The deity of this religion threatens to spread feces on the faces of some of his followers.

            *A woman is not to have authority over a man, she is not to teach a man but to be in silence.

            *Slaves, obey your masters. It does not matter if your master is good or if he beats you–obey him anyway.

            *The deity of this religion says to KILL: People Who Don’t Listen to the Church Leaders; Witches; Homosexuals; Fortunetellers; Anyone Who Hits -or- Curses Their Parents; Anyone Committing Adultery or Fornacates; ANYONE who Follows Other Religions (Even if it’s your Brother, Son, Daughter, Wife or Best Friend); Nonbelievers; False Prophets; Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God; Anyone Who Commits Blasphemy; People Who Work on the Sabbath;

            What a hypocrite you are to tell me I could do well to take an example from Christ. If YOU took an example from Christ, we wouldn’t have had this conversation in the first place!

          • DT


            I’m sure I responded but now it appears I did not respond to this one comment. I probably put all my comments together in one large comment.

            IT’s not about the bible, it’s about the quran, which was my point that you don’t know enough about Islam to bad-mouth in on social media.

            YOU perceive that I have an inflated opinion of myself. It’s YOUR perception, so YOU deal with it on your own.

            It would do YOU and your ilk to take an example from Christ and treat people the way you wish to be treated.

            Funny how the followers of Christ ignore the teachings of Christ.

          • DT

            Obviously you fail at Bible study too. All of those items from Round Two of the little game are in fact, from the Bible.

            So what you claimed was in the Quran is actually in the Bible and what you thought was in the Bible was actually in the Quran.

            I’m never amazed at how little religious people know of their own religion.

          • DT

            You failed to answer in how much depth, YOU have studied the Qur’an.

            Quite frankly, you seem like one of those so-called-christians that can’t form an opinion of their own and have to copy and paste things they don’t even understand, but hope it addresses the question(s) asked. I say this due to not getting a response to my actual questions.

            I still question your knowledge of the Qur’an to the extent you are able to perceive the characteristics of the god character. You claim you have some knowledge of the characteristics but you refused to address what exactly those characteristics are.

            So again, please elaborate on the Qur’an’s god’s characteristics.

            If you’re too incompetent to answer the questions I ask and feel that cutting and pasting is the way to go, then there is really no need for you to respond again because I thought I was debating a person–not the internet.

            I never said I was so interested in any god at all. What makes you think that? Can you not tell that I am knowledgeable enough to know the bible and the quran are two versions of the same mythology? If you are going to bring religion into a real-world situation then you had best know they mythology you claim to follow and not try to make your own myth look less evil by bringing into the conversation a different version of the same myth.

            My point is that when simpletons (Proverbs 14:15) bring religion into a real-world situation that they need to THINK about what it is they think they know and that’s what I am doing here. Trying to get biblical simpletons to THINK.

            I have a bible. I don’t need a website to explain it to me because I went to a school that taught me how to read and understand English on my own. Too bad you need websites to help mislead you to understand the fundamental misconceptions of your faith.

          • Spectrum

            I have not studied the Koran. It is not my religion. And from the
            behaviour of the insane terrorist muslims who follow it, why would any sane person do so ?

            You said I am incapable of forming an opinion of my own. MY OPINION is that the Koran and the “religion” of Islam is a murderous cultic ideology that seeks to force its principles on others. History has shown this in abundance. The Christian God and the Islamic god could not be further apart in their philosophies. Those philosophies you can easily compare via the wonder of the internet – so you don’t need me to tell you of them.

            The purpose of my earlier post was to delineate the ESSENTIAL differences between my God and theirs. I thought that was obvious. The cut and paste was simply to help assist in the explanation of it, as is common practice everywhere.

            “….the bible and the quran are two versions of the same mythology….” That’s your opinion. Mine is no. They are not. You’ve been suckered into that most probably by the “Zeitgeist” movie and similar material. Firm rebuttals have been made showing that these claims are inaccurate.

            “…Trying to get biblical simpletons to THINK….”. That is a sweeping and insulting generalisation. There are many Christians from all walks of life and many highly educated who believe in the bible and Jesus. What makes you think you have a monopoly on wisdom ? Sounds to me like you believe you’re better than them / us. What an arrogant atheist you are – which from experience in dealing with them – I find is often the case.

            “….I thought I was debating a person–not the internet….”. Who said I wanted a debate ? I won’t debate brick walls – I’ve wasted enough of my time already. You have your opinion, I have mine. Your faith is atheism ( and probably evolution ). My faith is in Christ and Christ alone. You have been offered the good news of the saving grace of the gospel, so I have thus done my required duty as a Christian. Your choice. Your consequences.

          • DT

            If you have not studied the Quran, how do you know what it’s all about?!?!?!

            You bring up a very good question: Why would any sane person follow the deity of the Quran and the Bible, which is the EXACT same god?

            We both seem to have the same opinion that the Quran and the religion of the god of Abraham is a murderous cultic ideology that seeks to force its principles on others. But you claim to worship the exact same god of Abraham! How can you be so blind as to follow the god of Abraham after you just told me it is a murderous cultic ideology that seeks to force its principles on others–such as who a baker can freely discriminate against.

            The Christian god and the Islamic god are exactly the same in their philosophies, because they are the same god!

            Why don’t you tell me the philosophies of what you think are the Islamic god and I’ll find some matching verses in the bible. Seriously! You CLAIM you know enough of Islam to know it is a murderous cultic ideology that seeks to force its principles on others–so give me some examples of this and I’ll find the same ideology in the Bible.

            The purpose of my earlier post was to question what you THINK are the essential differences between your god and “theirs.”

            ” ‘….the bible and the quran are two versions of the same mythology….’ That’s your opinion.” No, it’s a fact. I already “fooled” you when I posted snippets of Islam.

            The only thing I have been “suckered” into is doing my own unbiased research. I have no clue what “Zeitgeist” movie you speak of. Do you mean “God’s not dead”?

            “…Trying to get biblical simpletons to THINK….”. That is a sweeping and insulting generalisation.

            I’m not arrogant, you just perceive me that way due to my knowledge. Thanks for that.

            Many so-called-Christians from all walks of life and many highly educated who believe in the bible and Jesus, do NOT think logically. Indoctrination is a very powerful tool of the church. YOU yourself can take two verses side-by-side that say the same thing and you’ll blast one as hateful and one as loving based solely on the book it is from, not the content of the verse. And I can prove that by posting two verses. So here we go:

            –”… Therefore strike off [unbelievers] heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

            –”… but that whoever would not seek the [deity of the religion], should be put to death, whether young or old, man or woman.

            Okay, so talk to me about those two verses. Is one of a loving god and one of a hateful god or are they both of a loving or hateful god? If one is loving and one is hateful, please explain how so. THANKS.

            “Who said I wanted a debate?” Your actions spoke for you.
            Nice to know that you think speaking of your Christ and religion is “wasted enough of my time.” Religion is a great waste of time.

    • James Bryson

      Keep in mind the U.S. Supreme Court may have ruled in error on a subject (to paraphrase Obama) way above their pay grade.

      They have reversed themselves 200+ times and the science is finally catching up with theology; we are truly in a national, life and death struggle.

      • DT

        Obama didn’t say the Supreme Court may have ruled in error on a subject way above their pay grade. You seem to have left that wide open for those who don’t know that candidate Obama was speaking of himself.

        Science is keeping up with theology? You’re kidding right? You mean the science of a flat, stationary, earth in which the universe revolves around? LOL, that’s hilarious you even compare your mythology to science.

        What exactly does the bible say about abortions? I mean, the god of Abraham has made some rules on some obscure items such as not wearing fabric of mixed materials and to bury your dung in the ground. Surely something as important as abortion must get mentioned pretty specifically in the bible. Please list the specific verse about abortion. THANKS in advance.

        • James Bryson

          Thou shalt not murder.

          • DT

            “Thou shalt not murder.” — I’m sorry, but I don’t see the word “abortion” in your reply. I asked for specific verse(s) about abortion.

            And that unsourced verse that you claim comes from the bible says “murder.”

            Care to define “murder” for me? Oh, wait, I have a dictionary: mur·der; the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

            Sorry, but “abortion” does not fit the definition for two reasons. 1) it’s not unlawful. 2) it’s not a human being.

            I don’t want YOUR opinion of abortion being unlawful or a human being, I want to know what the bible says specifically on the matter. A good start would be when the bible specifically says life begins.

            And please, if you are going to claim something is in the bible, then list the exact verse–I’m not gullible enough to believe just any ole thing someone post online.

  • guest


  • guest

    whoopi is a hard-core deviant,she is humourless.

  • rvandegrift

    Ironic that she joins the ranks of the racist Margaret Sanger in controlling the population of black people in the US.

    • Honest_Lady

      That is rather odd, considering she herself is black.

  • James Bryson

    Can anyone explain the charm of a second tier comedian making ethically/culturally vulgar comments like this?

    Is there a gender-racial force field protecting her from the consequences of flawed logic, bad judgement and atrocious timing?

    Is there no one out there with a media voice to tell her that murdering babies is in no way equivalent to celebrating the birth of Immanuel. You remember, the most influential life in the history of history.


    Thank G-d that the dark people are now accelerating the behavior that will lead to their extermination under our new leadership. Keep up the good work, boycotters! Tomorrow we move on to beatings, burnings and public executions. All the social networks will run deep red with dark blood. It will be filthy and brutal work. Steel yourselves! The time of the white man is at hand!

  • Virginia Watson

    She is so incredibly stupid I cannot believe they continue to employ her at the ‘No View’.

  • Hal Walter

    The only part hard for me to understand is that there is anyone that gives a rat’s patoot about anything that comes out of this creatures mouth!

  • Lou Stools

    Facebook is CANCEROUS on many levels…


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  • Logician

    As long as a succession of little Goldbergs can be avoided … there are always extenuating circumstances, when considering the greater good of the human race.


    who gives a shit what this kike nigger cunt thinks? she’ll be one of the first to go when the purges begin.