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WNBA Team Promotion: Abortion Night

The Seattle Storm of the WNBA plan to support the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, during their home game against Chicago on July 18th.  Breitbart reports that this is the first time a sports team has celebrated abortion by partnering with Planned Parenthood at one of its games.  The team’s owner, Dawn Trudeau, is a long-time Planned Parenthood donor, dating back to her teenage years.

The Storm will donate $5 from every ticket to support Planned Parenthood. Additionally, there will be other pro-abortion events, including an auction benefitting and a rally supporting the abortion business.  The owner even suggested that she is not concerned about losing pro-life fans who do not want to support what they view as murder (in response to a question from a Politico reporter concerning potential risks of such a statement):

“We talked about it, certainly. What’s the worst-case scenario? Would we alienate season ticket holders? Would we keep people from coming to the games? Would we take media hits? We went through all of that and decided we would deal with whatever came up, and we made it clear to the staff that this was something we were doing as owners.”

The Storm’s ownership claimed to Politico that, while the league offices are not taking part in the promotion, the WNBA (2.4) and NBA (2.7) have been supportive.  On other issues, as shown by 2nd Vote research, the WNBA does have a record of taking liberal stands, especially related to marriage and religious liberty.  The NBA has additionally funded Planned Parenthood through a United Way chapter.  Click above to see 2nd Vote’s full research on the leagues.

2nd Vote also has information on companies that support Planned Parenthood to enable you to shop with your values.  Large companies, including Nike, Starbucks, and Patagonia support the abortion company.  Click here to see the full list of companies that fund Planned Parenthood.

  • Bridget Stoll

    Planned Parenthood an abortion company? Oh please. The great majority of what PP provides is contraception and health care screenings.

    • J. K.

      Bridget Stoll, you need to stop drinking the kool-aid that Planned Parenthood is serving you. According to sources, abortions make up 94 % of the services that Planned Parenthood provides; which accounts for 86 % of their annual revenue. (Do the research yourself on Google, or any other search engine.) So when one takes off the blinders, there is no doubt at ALL, Planned Parenthood IS an abortion company.

      • Bridget Stoll

        You are the one who needs to stop “drinking the Kool-Aid”. Your post doesn’t fool me a bit. Opposition to women’s reproductive freedom has a very long history. Sadly, Looks like this outfit is part of that effort. I’ve been familiar with and been around PP for years and abortion is most certainly NOT it’s main service. If you were honest and did your homework, you would understand that PP’s goal is to provide contraception, health care screenings, sex education where needed. When you have good sex education coupled with contraception, you have a much lower abortion and unintended pregnancy rate. These are the FACTS. I wish you would stop being so afraid of women making their own health care and child bearing decisions. Women know best what is right for them.

        • Beth

          According to their annual report, Planned Parenthood performs more than 320,000 abortions every year, 1/3 of all the abortions in the US.

        • J. K.

          At least the kool-aid that I’m drinking isn’t laced with the blood of the unborn. You choose to side with the murdering of the innocence for the sake of convenience. I choose the kool-aid of justice. Planned Parenthood’s main income IS abortion (86%). The publicized numbers don’t lie. Only people who want to cover up their murderous guilt lie.

          • Bridget Stoll

            You would do well to start attending to and relating to real, live born children. The number of kids in the U.S. living in poverty is growing rapidly. That means there are kids in your city that don’t have enough to eat, are not getting many of their basic needs met. It makes so sense to bring children into the world and then allow them to starve. I find it very difficult to get worked up about non viable fetuses when the born are being failed by the millions by people like yourself who could make a difference in their lives. I think you’ll find it much more rewarding to help the born who are in need rather than harassing women with unwanted pregnancies. And if you are so righteous, have some guts and post a real picture of yourself instead of a cartoon character.

          • J. K.

            That’s a red herring excuse! The plight of children in the world is certainly a serious issue, as you say. And we should attend to that; and I do. (How about you?) But that is absolutely NO excuse for the MURDER of MILLIONS of children in the womb. That is immoral! That is absolute evil! And I pity on their judgement day; those who condone and promote Planned Parenthood and their murderous industry.

          • Bridget Stoll

            Fetuses aren’t people, children or babies. It’s immoral to bring children into the world and let them starve. You don’t bring kids into the world if you can’t feed them because we already have far too many of those. Overpopulation and poverty contribute to war and a score of other social problems. Care for the children who are here first. America is doing a terrible job of that, so don’t bring more.

          • J. K.

            A child in utero IS a child; IS a baby; IS a person that can sense pain. This is a scientifically proven fact. WE ABSOLUTELY SHOULD FEED THE CHILDREN who are starving and help them to live prosperous lives; but not in lieu of children who are still waiting to live a life that you and I have been fortunate to live.

            It IS NOT immoral to bring a life into the world; despite the conditions we “think” they may live. Who made you arbitrator of what is and is not “quality” life; and who should live or die because of this false sense of morality??? To say that babies should be murdered off of the notion that there are children starving in the world IS itself immoral! It IS EVIL!!! Where the heck did you get your sense of morality; from a Cracker Jack box??? Satan must really be pleased with the stance you are taking.

            One more question: Hypothetically speaking, if you could have talked to your mother while you were still developing in her womb, and she was worried about all of the starving children already in the world; would you tell her (encourage her) to kill you so that she could be more attentive to the other starving children?

  • 4Pip

    It’s disgusting that now they plan a night to celebrate murder.How much lower can people be? This is truly satan inspired as he is for lies and death.God says in Genesis that he takes murder very serious and the one who sheds another’s blood will give his own blood also.God says life is in the blood. Besides that God is against anyone who mistreats a child which a baby in the womb is already know by God and it’s a child in His eyes.

  • James Bryson

    Are there any heterosexuals in the WNBA? This might account for their institutional disregard for babies.

    Corporate WNBA has a fiscal interest in keeping their players free of that pregnancy thing…too disruptive to the “main thing”, making money.

  • Mike

    Won’t go won’t watch. Disgusting how immoral so many are.

  • J. K.

    This is disgusting! An organization that supports and promotes murder has NO place in our society. I HOPE the WNBA folds; the sooner the better for our country.

  • Joe DeKever

    Support Planned Parenthood and Kill an unborn baby. It’s just that simple. Seattle franchise is absol
    utely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dean Clark

    Planned Parenthood will do anything to kill babies and women to by botched abortions. There is nothing empowering about that. The blood is on your hands Dawn Trudeau and Seattle Storm!!!

  • MS_Steve

    I could care less if abortion is legal in Chicago… or Seattle (or Kalifornica) for that matter.
    Black on black crime doesn’t bother me a bit

  • Sully

    I found my favorite WNBA team! Nice way to give the middle finger to all the psychotic morons who would be against freedom in people’s health care choices. None of the idiots on here have adopted a single child in their life, but they whine about someone else’s heatbreaking health needs. If you aren’t part of the solution then you’re part of the problem. CONservatives are too stupid to ever understand this. CONservatives are always filled with hate, that’s how they live their lives every day. They are so self-absorbed that they are incapable of caring for anyone but themselves…so their hate grows daily. A very sad life, SMH.

    Notice how all of these idiots on here are males telling females what to do with their bodies! That’s how sexist CONservatives live.