Suggestions for Companies Embracing Liberal Agenda

“Why are companies trading a stable bottom line for leftist nonsense?” asks Linda Harvey in a column for

Pointing to examples like Target’s agenda-driven restroom and fitting room policy and the Kellogg’s Company’s decision to discontinue advertising with Breitbart News, Harvey explains how corporate advocacy on social and political issues in the name of “tolerance” is actually taking big business down the road of “intolerance.”

Harvey writes:

In 2017, companies should take a completely different approach. Support Christian and conservative employees and customers – their values, principles and concerns.

Click here to read the five ways she believes companies can reverse course and become welcoming places for Christians and conservatives to do business again.

Then follow these links to see where Target and Kellogg’s stand on all the issues in our company database.

  • Spectrum
    • glenbo


      I followed your link to the News Blaster website and found
      some interesting points.
      For discussion purposes, I numbered these “points” and posed
      questions to each point.
      I am curious to see what rational, reasoned, informed,
      intelligent and logical answers you can provide for my questions.

      Here goes:

      1) >>”Homosexuals were granted anti-discrimination
      privileges in housing – no matter who owned the house and no matter what their
      religious views were.”<>”Homosexuals were granted anti-discrimination
      privileges in adoption of children.”<>”Homosexuals were given special privileges for
      medical insurance benefits for their partners.”<>”Homosexuals were given special privileges for
      hospital visitations with their partners.”<>”Homosexuals won the battle for enlistment in the
      military by pushing a policy called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”<>”Then homosexuals won the battle for open
      enlistment in the military by overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”<>”Homosexuals won the battle for civil unions with
      their partners.”<>”Homosexuals won the battle with the Boy Scouts
      for openly homosexual scoutmasters and openly homosexual scouts.”<>”Homosexuals won the battle to overturn the
      Defense of Marriage Act in the Supreme Court.”<>”Homosexuals won the battle for same-sex
      marriage.”<>”Homosexuals used the threat of boycotts to win
      over corporate America, including the NBA and the NFL.”<>”Homosexuals won the battle to create “Gay Pride
      Month.”<>”Homosexuals won the battle to recruit kids to
      their lifestyle in the schools – even at the kindergarten level.”<<

      Q13a) What exactly is the mechanism of this “recruiting?”
      Q13b) How many kids became homosexual as a result of this so-called

      I would like to add one more “point” to the above concerns
      about LGBT “battles” inclusiveness and LGBT rights that the News Blaster
      website neglected to include:

      14) Homosexuals won the battle to force Christian business
      owners to affirm and/or participate in their sinful marriages in violation of their

      Q14a) How is making floral arangements and cakes religious
      Q14b) How does one’s beliefs become altered/violated if one simply
      sells a cake?
      Q14c) What harm would befall a Christian wedding caterer if
      he/she sold a cake/flowers, took photos, rented space etc. for a same-sex
      wedding ceremony?

      I look forward to logical, rational, reasoned, informed and
      intelligent responses from you Spectrum.

      Please answer these one by one and please take your time…no
      rush on my end…because the follow up questions to your responses are likely to
      get more difficult.

      • Spectrum

        I will not waste my valuable time in compiling a detailed response to your demands. And they ARE demands. You are so completely out of touch with what has and is happening in our society today ( and the world for that matter ) on these issues, that until you DO some proper research of your own, you do not have the information required to debate logically ( assuming I even feel like exhaustively debating yet another atheist / leftist like yourself – and God knows I’ve done so with plenty of them ).

        • Natureboi

          >” until you DO some proper research of your own, you do not have the information required to debate logically”<
          I accept your capitulation.
          If you are incapable of justifying foolish non-existent religious claims, it would bode best for you not to endorse them

          • Spectrum

            No, if you had paid attention I said I was tired of arguing previously with other atheists and perversion supporters. And I am. I am not on trial. I don’t answer to his list of demands or anyone else’s. Particularly when they’re posited from ignorance.

            If Glenbo and YOU weren’t so lazy, you could have found any number of articles that explains the Christian position on these issues. But would you be open minded about them, or would you resort to blocking your ears and scoffing ? I think we both know the answer to that, don’t we ?

  • glenbo

    Exactly what is the “liberal agenda?”

    • Spectrum

      To even be asking that question demonstrates your ignorance of the subject. Or perhaps you know a lot more about it than you’re making out just so you can provoke and be mischievous, wasting people’s time in the process. I think I recall having encountered you on another website discussion board. You haven’t learned anything since then have you ?

      • Natureboi

        >”To even be asking that question demonstrates your ignorance of the subject.”<
        To avoid positing a reasoned, rational and logical response and instead attacking my character is a cowardly cop-out.

        • Spectrum

          It wasn’t an attack on his character. He simply hasn’t done sufficient research to arm himself with knowledge of the subject.

          Just ONE example – he asked ; “…What makes the fact that the tenants/employees are gay any of the renter’s/employer’s business…”?

          If he had been following the narrative on this that has been going for at least the last five years, he would know why. Do you ?

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